Nov 8, 2013

Launch of the Redesigned MommySavesBig website

NetSource Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned custom website, MommySavesBig. is a well-known couponing site on the internet. The popular site has been featured on TLC, CNN, USA Today, and Dr. OZ.

Recognizable stores like and Target are just two of the 182 different stores that the site represents, with over 1700 coupons. The site has deals for all departments including apparel, baby, health, grocery, and travel. After the redesign of the site, visitors now have the opportunity to get more involved and engaged with the website. Members can make comments and rate coupons based on their experience with that particular item.

NetSource created 18 unique holiday logos and 30 custom category icons. The¬†custom Content Management System allows for easy organization and implementation of all coupons. A new store can be created and populated with coupons in a matter of minutes. It has a built-in rating system that uses an exclusive MommySavesBig “heart” ranking system.¬† The system was created for all the coupons to be automatically placed in their appropriate places and has an interface that allows visitors to share the coupon deals on social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. More information on can be found on their website.

NetSource Technologies is an award-winning web design, hosting, e-commerce and consulting company that has been serving Ocala and clients nationwide since 1995. Visit their web site at for more information on their services and to view additional client web sites.

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