NetSource designers are proud to launch a new website for our long-time customer, Rimrock Trade Center, using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. We are very pleased to announce that Rimrock Trade Center, located in Grand Junction, CO has upgraded their website to the new SiteSource 3 management system.


At some point in your online life you’ve probably visited a website where a form popped up asking you to fill out some basic information: name, email, phone number, etc. Maybe you’ve never filled one out, or maybe you’ve filled them all out (which is why you spend the first 15 minutes of your day deleting promotional emails from your inbox). Either way, you understand the concept.

These forms, a.k.a. lead forms, are actually a tool that website owners use to get more information about their current customers or new customers. They also allow website owners to stay in contact with customers, keep them informed, or provide them with certain benefits. […]

NetSource designers are proud to launch a website for Central Trailer Sales, using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. Central Trailer Sales in East Bethel, MN has been a long-time customer of NetSource Media, and we are pleased to announce the upgrade of their website to the new SiteSource 3 management system.


If you are hearing a lot of references to the phrases “mobile-friendly”, “responsive mobile” or “mobile responsive” in regards to website design and not quite sure what all this means, you are not alone.  You may also be aware that these phrases somehow play into your Google rankings but are not entirely sure how or why? Let’s review so we can come away with a clearer understanding.



There are many reasons why customer service is important to your success as a company.  The main reason is customer service can cost you repeat and future business if it is bad.  No matter how niche your business may be, with the whole world online, competition is fierce.  It only takes one bad experience, no matter how trivial, for a customer to look elsewhere.  Fortunately, there are many preventative measures you can implement online to help your customers resolve issues and improve the level of service you offer.


Robert KeddieLg

What is your name?

Robert Wayne Keddie

Do you have any nicknames

Well, nicknames, no but derivatives of my official name Robert such as – Bobby, Bob, Robby and Rob.

When is your birthday?

August 29th…my Mom said when I was born, there was sudden thunder and lightning.