NetSource designers are proud to launch a custom website re-design for McGeorge’s Rolling Hills RV SuperCenter, using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. We are pleased that McGeorge’s RV of Ashland,VA chose NetSource Media for their website re-design at […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a popular topic among website owners. Everyone wants to have the #1 spot in search engines, but it’s hard to know what advice to follow.

Sometimes reading SEO tips and tricks can cause more harm than good. Following bad advice can be dangerous and can potentially get your website blacklisted by search engines.

Google’s algorithm for determining how to rank websites in their search results may be a secret, but the fundamental concept behind it is not. Google wants to provide quality content that matches what users are searching for. The best way to optimize your website for search engines is to focus on building the best website possible for your website visitors. If you are able to accomplish this, your website will already be optimized for search engines!

Below are some basic tips to help you build a better website that customers and search engines will both love. […]

The 1st Annual Pupkin Carving Champ!

The 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Champ!

The votes are all counted, and we’re please to announce a landslide victory for Haunted Lane, by Christie.

Thanks to all of our customers, friends, family and colleagues for the encouraging feedback, praise, and votes.  We had about 170 votes between the comments left at the blog and the official voting area.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Check out the runners-up…

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for creative types.  And at NetSource, the design team has cooked up a friendly contest to test our skills outside the web and graphic design world…  Our 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Vote for your favorite designer’s pumpkin and help him or her win bragging rights for the year.  Voting will be open from October 25 through October 29th at Noon.  We’ll announce the winner right here on October 29th.

And Happy Halloween!

1st Annual Pumpkin Contest

1st Annual Pumpkin Contest

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