Dec 16, 2010

Team Profile: Melissa Thrush

What do you do at NetSource Technologies, and how long have you worked here?
I am an Account Manager and have been here since 2010.

Melissa Thrush

Melissa Thrush

Do you have any nicknames?
Yes, but I’d rather not disclose them in public.

When is your birthday?
July 19

Hometown / Where have you lived?
Well, I’m an Army brat, so it’s a long list:

  • Ft. Riley, Kansas
  • Savannah, Georgia (Hunter Army Airfield)
  • Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
  • Ft. Rucker, Alabama
  • Asbury, West Viginia
  • Ocala, Florida
  • Troy, Alabama

When did you become interested in art and design?
I’ve always liked to draw. I remember getting in trouble for drawing in a Bible when I was 5 or 6.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Learning new things and working with people from all across the country.

When did you become interested in computers and technology?
My background is in the newspaper industry and I knew that needed to change for long term career survival.

What piece of technology could you not live without?
I could live without all of it – people have done it for thousands of years!

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Squeeze in every possible second of time with my family – it’s never enough.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food / drink?
Does cilantro count as food? No? Well, anything with cilantro! Water is my beverage of choice.

What is your favorite sport? Do you have a favorite team?
I only watch sports with my husband. I like to call it “taking one for the team.”

What are your favorite TV shows?
The only show I’m really dedicated to watching is Survivor.

Twitter or Facebook? (and why)
I’m a Facebooker, but recently opened a Twitter account – it’s a great way to keep up with our customers and industry related news.

Tell us about your family!
I married my best friend, Chris, in 2004 and our son Gavin was born in 2005.

Do you have any pets?
Two dogs: Hailie, a Schnauzer and Nia, a black lab.

If you couldn’t be a Dealer Specialist anymore, what career would you pursue?
I would open a shop where people can paint pottery & ceramics and then pick them up after they’ve been glazed & fired – if the market was right, of course!

What tips would you give to a business that is just starting out with their first website?
Clearly define the expectations you have for the website. Communicate those expectations to your developers so that your vision becomes reality.

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