Mar 20, 2006

Weekend in Tallahassee

This weekend I was in Tallahassee as a delegate for the Greater Ocala Advertising Federation at the quarterly district conference. As a first time delegate, I found it interesting to sit back, observe and learn about the operations of the advertising federation and my role within it. More interesting was to see how our local Ocala market compared with the larger Orlando, Tampa and Miami markets. I’m happy to say, as expected, that we rate very well indeed.

The nick-name of the convention was the “2006 Schoomapalooza”. Obviously, plenty of opportunities to network with others exsisted, but what I most got from the convention was informative insight from the guest speakers on hand to present. Bud Hanson with Fish-On Marketing gave a great presentation on the often elusive experiential marketing concept. Bud did a great job explaining and offered many good ways to impliment the concept. I’m hoping we can bring him to Ocala to speak at one of our local luncheons.

Saga Shoffner, the Associate US Advertising Director for Nike was also onhand to explain the behind-the-scenes creative sessions that have brought forth many of Nike’s best advertising over the last 15 years. Nike my be an international company with a mega advertising budget, but their practices in advertising serve equally well to businesses of all sizes. Both Bud and Saga showed that it is more about creativity than budget (although budget is always good!).

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