Jan 19, 2009

Who are you on the web?

Can you be instantly recognized on the web? I can and I will teach you how.

Most web applications these days as well as forums and web commenting systems allow you to have a picture and URL associated with your online identification. This picture is called an avatar. Are you using one? Don’t let the gray link-less man represent you. Leverage social networking to increase traffic and recognition. After all marketing your self is just as important as marketing your business.

First and foremost make sure that your user name across various sites is the same, this also applies to social apps like twitter. What if my preferred user name is taken? Use a very similar variant, or another popular alias you feel comfortable with. Two user names? You will see why this isn’t such a big deal here in a sec. This name is one piece of the puzzle to becoming recognized. Internet users who browse the same sites as you or are members of the same forum will see your name pop up and know that this post or comment is yours. Now seal the deal.

In your forum make sure you have a picture of yourself or the image of your choice prepared to represent you. Apply it to your profile so that with each post your picture accompanies your name, once again this goes for things like twitter as well. Next, this is a big one. What is an avatar. This is a similar picture that accompanies your name on sites you may visit and post comments on. You will be surprised at the amount of people who have seen your avatar on one site have seen it on another. This holds especially true with forums and niche sites where the same users are likely users of similar sites just as you are. I recommend you get a Gravatar this simple service adds a picture whenever you leave a comment or post on a site that makes use of this service i.e.most blogs. So now your name and picture are uniform across all the sites you contribute to. Now what?

All of this hard work should help you somehow right? Well it can. Add a signature with your URL in your forum profile, make sure you have your URL in your more info area in your twitter account, and make sure you attatch your URL in any comment you leave on a blog, a link will be applied to your user name or avatar. Now those people who recognize you online can track back to your site. And if you have been playing your social networking cards right, it will be plenty of users. The more sites you visit and contribute to the more people will be interested in visiting your site to learn more, especially if you are using these various channels to promote yourself as an expert of your field. It can pay off greatly, social networking is just one more way to connect with more people, all over the globe, and each of those people have equal potential to be your next customer. Greet them and let them know who you are on the web.

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