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Google BadgeAt NetSource, we understand Pay-Per-Click advertising better than most. Not only are we a Google Certified Partner that manages thousands of dollars of monthly spending  for our clients, but we also are a PPC advertisers ourselves, spending thousands of our own money each month to market not only this website, but several websites for other divisions of our company as well. We also market ourselves and our customers using PPC  on Bing with Microsoft AdCenter and on Yahoo! as well. The fact that we have "skin in the game" means that we take PPC management seriously and understand what it takes to run a successful campaign that actually drives positive results and real Return On Investment (ROI), instead of just expense. Don't trust your PPC campaign to a marketer that doesn't see enough value in Pay Per Click to invest their own marketing money in it; trust the experts at NetSource that know how to get you results.

Please read Google's third-party partner disclosure statement: Working with Third-Parties

Instant Gratification

If you have a new site, a new product, or a site that is struggling to compete on very competitive keywords, PPC is a great way to kick start things while you work on your organic Search Engine Optimization. By choosing the right keywords, creating small, effective ads, and establishing a budget, your site can begin appearing in the search engines in as little as 15 minutes! This also gives you a powerful way to test market new products or look for new markets, running small tests and learning from your successes and failures. The NetSource team can guide you and help you through this process, minimizing your cost and maximizing your success.

Control Your Own Budget

With a PPC campaign, you can spend as much or as little as you want. For as little as $10 a day, you can begin to drive high quality, targeted traffic to your site. You can change your budget daily, managing your ad spend, or set it and forget it, creating daily budgets and letting them run for weeks to see the results. Our favorite thing about AdWords is that the better you are at it, the less it costs. That's right, a good ad going to the right page on your site in position #1 may cost a fraction of what the ad beneath it costs. We can help you make sure that you get the best rates for your ads by working with you to select the appropriate keywords, writing effective ads, and tweaking your landing page content to ensure effectiveness.

Partner With a Partner

As a Google Certified Partner, we have demonstrated our expertise and commitment to excellence in building and managing Google AdWords campaigns. Our specialized team members have also completed coursework and passed certification exams with Google.  We can help you with every phase of your campaign:

  • Campaign Strategy, Goal Definition, and Engine Selection
  • Keyword Selection
  • Ad Group Selection, Creation, and Management
  • Campaign Creation and Management
  • Ongoing Analysis to Maximize ROI

Choose Your Weapon

Using a mix of content and search ad placement along with text, graphic banners, or even video ads, PPC gives you the flexibility to structure campaigns that meet your specific goals. You may want to just build brand awareness and drive traffic. You may need to run a campaign that gets visitors to download a whitepaper or fill out a lead form. You may want to focus only on driving sales. We help you define what a successful action is and then track the results.

Fish Where the Fish Are

Using Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter, we can use advanced targeting to cast a net for your customers that is as wide or as narrow as you want. Geographic targeting allows us to only show ads in a defined area: a zip code, county, state, region, or a specified radius from a point (like your store). We can also use geographic targeting to create specific ad groups or campaigns for each of your locations allowing you to easily offer location specific promotions. Demographic Targeting, although not as precise as geographic targeting, allows us to create ads that are only shown to a certain demographic group - such as women 30-45 years old. You can even choose the best time of day for your ads to appear. If you want to target only people searching for fishing gear with 20 miles of your store, you can do it. If you want to only target men looking for trolling motors in your county, you can do it. This flexibility allows us to selectively target only the searchers that you know are right for your product. As we create success in your local market, we can also go much broader in your campaigns to reach a regional, national, or worldwide audience. NetSource can help you decide on the strategy or strategies that work best for you. By effectively using targeting we help you maximize your Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions, which gives you the highest Return on Investment (ROI) or bang for the buck, for your marketing dollar.

Know Your Places

Ever done a search and seen a listing come up with a map and the address and phone number of the business? They're using Google Places to make sure all of their locations are listed when you do a localized search. We can help you set up you Google Places account and tie it to your PPC campaign, helping you get better click through results for your ads.

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