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Google BadgeNatural, or Organic, Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of presenting your website in such a way as to achieve the highest possible rankings on the keywords and phrases that are most important for your business in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

At NetSource, we've been optimizing web sites for the Search Engines since the 1990's, so we know a little bit about what works and doesn't work. We avoid all the hype (statements like, "we guarantee you'll be number 1 in all of the search engines") and focus on solid techniques that are compliant with the current search engine algorithms. Then we track results with you to make sure that you are getting the right traffic and that your rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is growing every month.

Has your "Search Engine Specialist" ever built site traffic to 1,500,000 visitors a month using only natural search engine optimization and a few hundred dollars of Pay Per Click advertising? We have. Our site, regularly does in excess of 1.5 million visitors per month from RV owners all over the world - with no advertising or marketing budget other than a few dollars each month for PPC and time spent to work on continual Search Engine improvement. While you may not get quite that many users to your site, we can certainly make sure that you get the best results for your market and industry.

Icon - Statistics & Analysis Site Traffic and Statistics Analysis - The Baseline

The old saying  "You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been" is certainly true for search engine optimization. Our SEO specialists examine your current site traffic to see what pages are getting traffic and where the traffic is coming from. We then use this data as the baseline as we make changes and improvements to look at how you are progressing month to month.

Icon - Define Your Goals Conversions - What are your Goals?

Every website has a different goal. Some common goals:

  • Increase number of Visitors or "hits"
  • Signups for a mailing list
  • Download a piece of literature
  • Sign up for a webinar
  • Make a sale or increase the total dollars sold

Once we know what your goals are, we can then begin to do keyword research and build a strategy to help you reach your goals.

Icon - Research Keyword Research - The Foundation

Once we understand the baseline and your goals for your site, we begin Keyword Research. We analyze your site and your competitors' sites to see what keywords and phrases you currently do well on and what areas you might be missing. Next, we do additional research to see what the traffic on those keywords are and look for additional "golden nuggets" - keywords or keyword phrases that are highly searched or highly relevant to your topic that have little competition. From there, we begin to establish a keyword strategy that will guide us as we optimize the site.

Icon - Updates Content Changes and Updates - The Execution

After we understand the keywords that are important to you, we can then begin to look at and make recommendations for changes to your site architecture and content to build your results. Areas we often address are:

  • Missing Content
  • Site Maps
  • Navigation and Usability issues
  • Meta Tags - Title and Description tags as well as Alt tags for images
  • Rewording existing content to make better use of words from our keyword lists
  • Improving "Call to Action" to improve the number of visitors that actually convert

When we make these recommendations, we can also talk with you about your budget and decide what changes you want to make, what changes you want us to make, and what changes you want to wait on making. This way, you can make all of your changes immediately or spread them out over time to best meet your budget.

Icon - Links Link Building, Blogs, and PPC - Increasing Your Results

Once the basics are taken care of, you will begin to see steady traffic growth as your site is indexed and gains credibility with the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! To grow traffic immediately, consider implementing a PPC campaign using Google AdWords. You may also want to use a weblog or Blog to create fresh, new content for your site on a regular basis. Sites with blogs are indexed more frequently and typically rank higher on more keywords and phrases than sites without a blog. Making sure that you have plenty of internal pagelinks from pages in your site will help visitors find other pages of interest to them and will also help the search engines find all of your pages. Finally, a well done link building campaign can not only increase traffic to your site from relevant sites linking to your site, it will also boost your search engine placement as inbound links to your site pages increase the credibility of your site in the eyes of all of the major search engines.

Icon - In It For the Long Haul Testing and Analysis - The Key to Growth

No matter how well thought out a campaign is, there is no way to determine if it is doing the very best it possibly can without an ongoing commitment to testing and improvement. No two sites are the same, and a Search Engine Optimization strategy that was incredible on one site may only yield mediocre results on another. Using a strategy of A/B split testing, we can help you see incremental improvements over time with both ad copy and on page content. You can learn more on our Testing, Optimization, and Maintenance page, but we have learned over time that the most successful sites are the ones that are constantly experimenting and testing, looking for new ways to reach and engage their visitors. We can also analyze your monthly traffic reports to look for trends in traffic and keywords to help take advantage of opportunities and look for areas of weakness that can be improved.

Icon - Set Up Holy Cow! - That's a Lot of Work

A well thought out and executed SEO plan can give you great ROI and yield huge results to your bottom line. While it all seems like a lot of work, working with an experienced team like NetSource makes it simple. We use our 15 years of experience and an extensive set of tools to help make the process as painless as possible. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, either. Our team can often do the work in a fraction of the time it would take you or an inexperienced person to do the work. Plus, our experience will usually yield far better results than an inexperienced search marketer will get.

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