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Social Media Networks like Facebook and Twitter were originally designed to help friends and family members keep up with each other. YouTube was a great place to share your videos. Then business oriented networks like LinkedIn popped up, and people began to realize the power of using Social Networking to engage existing customers, draw new customers, build buzz, and drive market share. NetSource believes in the power of social media for business - we use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ourselves. Social Marketing, e-mail marketing, and Blogs are all powerful tools that change your online marketing from reactive to proactive - allowing you to initiate an interaction with the client instead of waiting for them to visit your site. We can help you implement a Social Media Marketing Plan for your company that will help you leverage the power of Social Networking to build both sales and awareness of your business.

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Setting up Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for your personal account is easy. Sometimes, for your business account, it can be a real pain. NetSource can help with setup and create branded Twitter backgrounds or Facebook Apps, and help you get the word out to your customers that you are now using Social Media.

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We can also help make sure your website has links that allow visitors to "Like" your site, get Facebook updates, join your Twitter feed, see your YouTube videos, +1 you on Google, and more so that you start to get instant followers on all of your social media outlets.

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Just like starting the conversation on a first date can be awkward, your first few social media posts can feel awkward too. The NetSource team can help you get past those first post jitters by providing ideas for posts or even creating your posts for you.

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Successful Social Marketing does require time and effort. Sometimes, even though they realize the importance of social marketing to keep in contact with customers, generate new customers, and grow their business, our clients are too busy with everything else in their business to post regularly online. Other times, they don't know what they should post or have tried but felt their social marketing was ineffective. NetSource can help by providing a dedicated Social Marketing person for your business. We learn your business, your competitors, and your market. From there, we can help you by making regular Facebook updates, Twitter posts, and even blog posts on your behalf. We focus on doing things that not only keep your existing customers engaged, but also help build buzz that draws in new friends and customers for your organization.

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One of the most powerful results of well-done social marketing is that it builds buzz about your company and your products. A solid Social Marketing campaign can not only keep your customers talking about you, but also your marketplace - helping increase brand awareness and bringing in new business.

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