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Content Management Systems or CMS are intended to make it easier to manage or update content in a website without advanced knowledge of HTML or programming. The problem is that unfortunately, in their desire to add features, many of them have become so complex that the learning curve to actually maintain your site is very steep.

NetSource Technologies has been creating, using and maintaining sites using some form of content management for over 10 years. Some of our Content Management Solutions include:

Existing CMS Development and Maintenance

We have worked with a large number of Content Management Systems (CMS) and can help you if you are tired of trying to keep your site up to date on your own. We have experience with Umbraco (the website you are on right now was developed using Umbraco), Sitefinity, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and more. If you need help with your "easy" CMS, we can probably help by providing feature development, training, or updates and maintenance.

Custom Content Management

Over the years, we have dealt with many customers that have a typical static site that the information really doesn't change much except for one page or one section of the site that is constantly updated - photo galleries, literature libraries, upcoming events, organization news, etc. Or, some information  may need to be formatted very specifically - product data, real estate listings, job openings, etc.

In these cases, we can develop custom content management systems that allow you to maintain specific parts of your site in a way that is tailored to how you work and input data while avoiding the development costs of a full blown content management system with custom developed applications added on.

SiteSource™ Content Management System

We also realized that most companies need a CMS with flexible design and lots of features that somebody on their staff can actually use without a great deal of training. Customers also needed for us to build the basics of their site that they could easily add content to on their own, saving them money on their development costs and allowing them to end up with a much larger site than their budget allowed. So we developed our own CMS from scratch - SiteSource™. SiteSource™ is built around the idea of making content management easy and affordable. You can go to our SiteSource detail page to learn more

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No matter where you are in the process of selecting or maintaining a CMS system, we can help you with expert advice or which path is best for you. You can call us at 1-800-709-3240 or fill out our easy Contact Us page for more info. If you would like a quote on your next project, fill out our Free Quote Form to receive a free, no obligation quote from us on your next project.



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