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You want your website to really stand out and amaze your visitors. You have a unique and interesting idea for an animation or interactive video. You would like to create an interactive application for your website. If any of these statements describes you, then you need our Interactive Design Services.

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Several years ago, Adobe's Flash was the way to add action and interactivity to your site. Everyone wanted a Splash Page and animation galore on their site. Over time, companies began to realize that over-the-top graphics and animation were great to impress the crowd in the boardroom, but the slow page loads and browser compatibility issues they caused often kept visitors from buying or even visiting the site often. On top of that, the sites were nearly invisible in the search engines, so no one could find them. With a few exceptions, everyone learned that too much of a good thing is usually just too much. Our team can help you strike the right balance of dazzling graphics, video, and animation coupled with incredible usability and search engine friendly design to ensure your website's success.

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Now, as more businesses are trying to meet the needs of both traditional and mobile users on their sites, Flash is not nearly as easy a choice as it was before, since Flash elements do not work on Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Now more than ever, it is important to understand where your site is going to be used and pick the right tools to meet your visitor's needs. Our design team is very comfortable building interactive elements and applications using tools like HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, and JavaScript to meet your animation and interactive needs. Sometimes, Flash is still the right tool for the job. Sometimes, a creative combination of programming techniques will be even better for your website. No matter what, we can work with you to create the right solution for you that best meets your visitors' needs and stays within your budget.

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Interactive design can give your business the edge over your competitors by leading to longer and more memorable visits. The right use of video and animation can help drive your web site sales and conversion rates higher than you ever thought possible. The NetSource interactive team can help you build a dynamic visual solution that not only drives business, but drives your marketplace's impression of your company as a leader in technology and design.



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