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You've got a business to run, and your time is valuable.  If you already have a website, you know that just keeping your existing information up to date can be a real struggle. Next, you need to create new content to keep your site fresh and interesting to both your visitors and the search engines. Once all of that is handled, you need to stay on top of the current trends in Search Engine Visibility so that as search engines change their rules, you can update your content to maximize your search engine placement. Just the research time to stay on top of everything can be overwhelming. And, if you don't get it all right, you can make your pages slow to a crawl, see your search engine rankings lowered, or be blacklisted from the search engines altogether.

There is no question that no matter what industry you are in, the businesses that get the most Return on Investment (ROI) are the ones that have an ongoing commitment to updating, maintaining, and testing new content on their websites. That's why we offer both hourly maintenance and maintenance plans to help take the headache out of maintaining your site.

We're Not Picky

Have a hosting company you like and a designer that you have had enough of? Locked into a term contract and can't move your hosting? We're okay with that. While we think every customer should use our hosting services, we understand that moving your site is not always an easy decision. We can work on your site no matter where it is hosted. If your current hosting company has restrictions that prevent you from doing things you want to do, we'll talk with you about the issues, your options, and alternatives and make recommendations as to how we believe you should proceed. Our designers and programmers are well versed in all currently popular web languages and formats and have the skill to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pick the Plan that's Right for You - No Long Term Commitments

From as-needed hourly service to 20 hours a week or more, we can work with you to build the right maintenance plan for your website. You can choose from contracts as short as three months through a full 12-month term - whichever works best for your organization.

Why Spending More Usually Costs Less

At first, paying us to maintain your website instead of a secretary or staff person makes no sense at all, does it? You're already paying your staff person and they cost a lot less than us, right?

While on the surface, that may sound like the perfect argument, it doesn't take into account the fact that with NetSource, you pay for only the time spent working on your site - not for coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, telephone calls, etc. that normally go into your hidden costs. Since your staff person doesn't do website updates all of the time, it will usually take them much longer than one of our team members to login, write the copy, upload the pictures, or add a new page. Finally, since your staff person doesn't have time to spend hours researching the latest trends in search engine optimization, usability, browser compatibility, and how to write correct title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags, the odds are that at best they will not create content that is best suited for both humans and search engines. At worst, they may try uploading huge images that slow down your site or try an SEO "trick" they saw online that gets your site blacklisted from the search engines. By using our experienced development team, you ensure that you get the right updates and changes made to your site in the least amount of time using the right technology.

Don't Wait Forever for Your Updates

Have you waited weeks and weeks for that simple update to be made in the past?  With NetSource's maintenance plans, you don't have to worry about that anymore.  Small updates and requests are usually completed in 8 business hours.  Larger requests (like adding a new page, setting up a Facebook account, designing a new flyer) typically take 2-4 business days.

Time to Test and Improve

Research has shown that the companies that are the most successful online are the ones that continually test and improve the content of their search marketing and website. Allocating time each month for doing split testing of one version of an ad against another or different versions of a content page will nearly always improve your results over time. Our team understands how to setup and analyze the results of A/B testing so you get all of the benefits without the pain. We have found that no matter how good you think your ads and content are, they can always be improved by testing. Committing time to testing each month will always improve your website's ROI.

Pricing You Can Predict

Our plans allow you to set a budget for your maintenance costs and stick with it. On months when you don't use all of your allocated time, you can roll that time over into a month that the time spent on your site exceeds your budget. And if you go over your budgeted time with no available rollover hours, you pay a discounted rate from our standard hourly rate based on the size of your plan.

One Team That Can Do It ALL

By selecting a blended rate maintenance plan, you have access to our entire team: programmers, graphic designers, web designers, and search engine specialists, at the same rate. This means that we can handle all of your requests and keep you in a budget. There are no limits to which of our services you can use each month:

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