There’s no arguing that having a website for your business is a must. However, these days there are so many do-it-yourself website creation sites out there that many feel there’s no need to hire a professional. Now while there might be a small fraction of people out there who can do just fine with a homemade site, most people who are running a business for profit will benefit immensely by having a professional do it for them.

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Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider hiring a web design agency to create your business website.

1. Experience

Web design agencies are full of professional designers who have years of experience creating websites for businesses and individuals. That is what they do all day. They’ve seen just about every design, style, business, or technical challenge you can possibly throw at them and they know how to create, upgrade, and fix them all. Because of this they can create a website in a fraction of the time that you could and make it look and function in a way that most regular folks could never do.

2. Resources

Web design agencies have access to professional resources that ordinary folks don’t have. There are tools, web development kits, and add-ons that are only available to professional design agencies and these resources make it possible for design firms to do things that you could never even dream of doing. Web design agencies have the latest up-to-the-moment technology for keeping your website up to date, running at the best speeds, and incorporating the latest designs and bug fixes available. All of these resources would cost you a fortune to get on your own (if you even could get them) but web design agencies can spread that cost among all of their clients to make it cheaper for you in the long run.

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3. Saves Money

Let’s face it: your job as a business owner is to run the business. It’s not to create your company’s website, and a business owner who tries to do that is only taking valuable time and money away from the business they should be running. In the end trying to create your own website will cost your business more money than getting a professional to create the website for you. Creating a professional website is not as easy as some of these do-it-yourself sites may imply. At best, those sites can be very limiting in the choices available to you and at worst, after spending a lot of time and energy creating your site it’s very possible it won’t even function or look anything like you need it to.

You may do the initial research and decide that if you create your own site it will only cost you a few hundred dollars at the most. However, when you factor in all the time and effort you have to put into it and the possible issues that can arise, you’ll soon calculate that it is costing you way more than you ever wanted to spend. That number usually turns out to be more than the cost of hiring a professional web design agency to do a professional website for you.

4. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Everyone, no doubt, has heard about this magical thing called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but few really know what it is or what is required to achieve it. This is another area that web designers excel in. They know what the latest SEO requirements are and how to make sure that your website gets the most eyeballs in the fastest amount of time. What this means for you is that your site gets found by all the people who need your services or products and that translates into new customers and a better bottom line for your business.

Making your business website search engine friendly means knowing the exact key words, phrases, and content that will get it recognized by all the major search engines. There are also performance and architecture options that can either kill your visibility or make it shine. Staying on top of these things requires a seasoned professional. SEO is something that is ever-changing and therefore not something that the average business owner has the time to stay up to date on. For professional web designers, SEO is just a regular part of their job and they are outstanding at it.

5. Professionalism

You work hard in your business to make sure the services and products you offer are of professional quality, and your website needs to reflect that professionalism too. Like it or not people make a decision about you and your business in the first few seconds they visit your website. How your website looks and functions will directly influence peoples’ opinions about you and your business. If your website is sloppy, functions badly, or lacks the information that they are looking for, they will assume that you are lackadaisical in your approach to everything in your business. They will assume, either consciously or unconsciously, that if you didn’t care enough to make a decent website that you won’t care enough to take care of their needs either. That decision will send potential customers into the arms of your competitors who do have a professional website whether or not their products or services are better than yours.


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6. Mobile Compatibility

With the global increase of mobile users and the fact that 80% of internet users own a smart phone, it’s no big surprise that in order to have a great website it must have mobile compatibility. More and more people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and if they don’t have a good user experience on your site they are not going to come back. Google states that 61% of users are not likely to return to a mobile site if they had any trouble accessing it, and of those people 40% will visit a competitor’s site instead. That’s a lot of eyeballs to lose just because your website wasn’t compatible with the latest technology and trends.

Making your site mobile compatible is standard procedure for web design agencies these days. It not only affects how many people a website reaches but it also affects your website’s SEO ratings. A website that is fully mobile compatible gets higher SEO rankings in all the search engines and that comes back to more eyeballs on your site and your business.

7. Expert Help

Creating a website doesn’t end when it’s up, running, and attracting new customers. It’s a living thing and as such needs constant attention to keep it working and growing with your business. Not only do web designers give you expert advice while designing your website but they are also there when there are issues and changes that need to be made. Many times website performance will start to wane due to design or technical updates that need to be made over the course of time.

The web design agency that you hire is there for you before, during, and after the website is up and doing it’s thing. They are there to offer expert advice on how to improve your website as time goes by and also to fix anything that goes wrong along the way. They built your website and they know what to do if it begins to have issues or needs to be updated to the latest technology. They are also a convenient, quick call away when you want to change anything on the site and it usually can be done faster than you could on your own. No matter what the issue, it’s comforting to know that there are experts on the other end of the phone who can fix it and get your website performing again.

8. Ease Of Use For Customers

Web designers study websites and users’ behavior on them. They know what issues or designs will attract users and which ones will repel them. There are specific things that make a website user-friendly and it is very important that those things are incorporated into your site. Without them people will get easily frustrated and leave without finding out what you and your business are about.

When it comes to web design, knowing exactly where to put contact forms, addresses, sign up forms, navigation bars, and calls to actions is standard procedure. The point of a website is to draw people in so that they want to delve deeper and find out what you and your business has to offer them. They want to know you can solve their problems. However, if your website makes it difficult for them to do these things they will find someone else who can make the experience more enjoyable.

These are the types of things that web design agencies do. Their web designers spend all their time researching and creating websites that attract people and keep them coming back for more. They know what makes the web user’s experience pleasant and what turns them off and they utilize that information to make sure that your website is maximized in order to attract the most attention from your potential customers.

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9. Quality Content Development

Another vital part of your website is the content that goes on it. Without quality content your business message can be lost and ultimately so will your potential customers. The use of specialized key words and phrases that are a part of your business and industry are essential to making sure you not only deliver the best products and services to your customers but also so your potential customers know who you are and what you’re about.

Quality content makes sure that everything on your website conveys the appropriate message and mission to everyone that lands on it. Content not only includes the articles or blogs on your site but also everything from the tag line to the about us page to your contact page. Every bit of content, large or small, requires in-depth thought and analysis to make sure that your website works to its maximum potential and attracts your business’ ideal customers.

Web designers are masters at quality content development and with some input from you about your business, its mission, products/services, and ideal customers, they can customize the content to achieve your business’ goals.

10. Saves Time

This one goes back to #3 but in addition to saving money, hiring a web design agency will save you a ton of time. Even if you are a master web designer in your spare time, most likely you need to be spending your time working in your business not on its website. And even though you might rationalize doing the website yourself as a way of investing in your business, the fact is that the time you spend creating your website will directly take away from the work you need to be doing in your business. You can’t be in two places at one time. At best trading one of these tasks for the other will be a wash as far as time and money. At worst, it will create a loss of time and income that should have been contributing to the bottom line of your company.

Web designers design websites for a living. They know the fastest and most efficient ways to do so and will have your business website up and attracting customers long before most could decide on a website template. This allows you to work on your business doing things that really matter to you.

These are just 10 top reasons to hire a web design agency to create your business website and there are many more too. When you decided to become a business owner it was with the intention to create a quality business and earn a good income. Part of that is knowing what things to do yourself and what things you should delegate to others. Creating a website, unless your business is website creation, is something you should leave to professional web design agencies so you can spend your valuable time running your business and achieving your goals.

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