A lot of time and effort goes into setting up a website when it is first created, but once the website is launched, the work is not over! Think of your website as a constant work in progress. Every day is a new chance to make a great first (or second, or third) impression.

How often you update your website should be based on how often you expect visitors to return. If you have a blog and want people to come back every week, make sure that you have new articles every week. If you have a simple, service-based website that people don’t need to visit that often, then just check back once or twice a year to make sure the information and links are still accurate.

Here are six reasons why you should be updating your website content on a regular basis:

1. Visitor Retention

If the information on your website never changes, why would anyone visit more than once? Having fresh content on the website gives your visitors a reason to return to your website more often to see your latest news or special deals.

2. Boost User Confidence

Having fresh content on your website shows your website visitors that your information is recent and accurate. If it’s June and your homepage is still showing a banner about Fall Savings, it raises some questions: Is that sale from last year, or three years ago? Are these prices accurate? Are these products still for sale?

Showcasing recent information about your new products, services, and current sales boosts user confidence in the accuracy of your website.

3. Getting Your Money’s Worth

Implementing a content management system into your website can save you money in the long run. Instead of paying a designer for each update, you are able to change text and photos on the website yourself.

If your website already has a content management system, start taking advantage of it! This is a great tool that gives you the freedom to update your website whenever you like, and the more you use it, the more you will benefit from it.

4. Promote New Products and Services

Does your business have a new, great product or service? Are you currently having a sale or other type of promotion? Why not list that on your website! Your website is more than just a way for people to find your business online, it is a tool for you to advertise the products and services that you want to promote.

5. Get Your Webpages Indexed Faster

Search engines use web crawlers (also called bots, spiders, or robots) to browse the internet to find new and updated pages to add to their search engine index. The more often the content on your website changes, the sooner these crawlers will come back to re-index your website.

6. Catch Outdated Information

If your website hasn’t been updated in quite a while, you probably have some information that is inaccurate and/or links that are broken. Updating your content regularly will ensure that your website is presenting the most up-to-date information about your products and services.

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