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The NetSource Technologies’ design team has just launched a new, redesigned website for Archifence, Inc., a company that specializes in commercial and residential horse farm development. Projects range from a residential fence job to converting raw land into a large site-plan for training. Archifence, Inc. plans each development project around the smallest details of horses such as their safety, comfort and stress levels. For over 13 years Archifence, Inc. has been attending to clients in the Florida area but its previous website was outdated and not designed for optimum user experience. NetSource Technologies web experts built a custom design that enhances the brand and is easier for users to navigate through on a desktop or mobile device.


While redesigning the site, our experts were careful to make sure the site tied into the social media marketing to help bring more traffic to the website and go beyond the current target customers. One of the biggest improvements was making the site accessible on all platforms such as desktops, laptops, smart phone and tablets. Our experts designed the new website to be so easy to utilize that it would provide a good user experience for Archifence’s customers. In addition to creating new content for the site, our web experts added a WordPress blog for the content management platform. Archifence, Inc. will now have a blog to keep clients and website visitors up to date on projects and relevant news.

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