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Nowadays, the only way you can truly know how to reach your target audience is to test it out first. Advertising and marketing are based on making judgements about who you’re attempting to reach and then following through with your first ideas. As professionals, we’re constantly making slight readjustments in order to see a successful reaction. With the power of A/B and split tests for advertisements, that process is easier than ever and allows us to see the impact of just one edit. Follow these suggestions for how you should use A/B Testing to your advantage:

Don’t Make a Commitment Before Experimenting

The original concept of A/B Testing was to give online marketers the ability to experiment. By using an A ad with the original concept, you can create a B ad with minor modifications to see whether it makes a difference in your results. The change can be as simple as using a different image or wording. Whether you’re trying to get conversions, impressions, or time spent on a website, making these tweaks could make or break your strategies. It also allows you to be non-committal at first to any one version of an ad. Whatever way you look at it, experimenting with testing can only help you better connect with your audience.

Stop Wasting Money

Making a great campaign is a huge investment. Your team puts in so much effort simply researching marketing concepts, audience analytics, and branding tools to craft the perfect delivery. It takes a lot of time and money to launch any ad campaign and even more so for a successful one. The best way to save your money is to use A/B and split testing tools on search engines and social media. Instead of creating multiple separate ad experiences after one doesn’t seem to work, you can test two out at the same time with the same audience. It’s cost-effective, and it will show you immediate and comparable results. Stop wasting your business’s time and resources on just one strategy. Get double the tests for the cost of just one.

Never Settle for Just Okay

Nothing is ever perfect at first. This includes your targeting campaigns, but too often advertisers assume that their first efforts will deliver the results they’re expecting. We don’t allow ourselves to make the mistakes that might inform our next decisions. To be successful, you need to abandon the goal for immediate perfection. Accept that there is so much to be discovered about your audience and what they like. Ongoing revisions allow us to accomplish this without becoming the downfall of our misjudgments. If you see the process as an ongoing trial, then you’re sure to be less disappointed by any failures and more encouraged to make things work.

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The Power of A/B Testing and Ongoing Revisions

Your customers have any number of online outlets on which to spread the love (or trash your name).  Do you know what they’re saying?  Do you even know where to find that information?

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Viral videos are one of the mysteries of social media marketing; most people assume “going viral” (getting people to share and view your video online, creating buzz) is pretty much luck or the domain of Fortune 500 companies with large ad agencies working for them. Steve Strauss’ article tries to present some concrete steps to help you plan and execute your own viral video.

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So you have decided to do your own Search Engine Optimization. Then you have most likely come to the realization that it’s nowhere near as easy as you initially anticipated. You have also found that it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to cover the gamut of SEO without the help of some sort of tool or software. So today I’m going to go over some of the free SEO tools available online, that I have found to be extremely helpful over the early years of my SEO education. Some of these tools I still use even today, so take notice… and good luck on your endeavor. […]

Here is a very useful article by Kunur Patel at AdAge.com that presents what works and doesn’t work in banner ads – along with some tips to improve your campaigns.  Among the highlights: prominent logo placement, compelling and bold call-to-action, and the use of people are more important factors in online success than expensive targeting or high-profile placement.


I just learned about a great new website that recently launched but already has a wealth of collected expert knowledge – https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/.  Social Media Examiner is a free online magazine with articles and videos to help businesses take advantage of social media tools to generate sales and leads.

Enjoy! And feel free to comment below and add links to specific articles there that you find helpful.