Really the title of this blurb should be ‘How can a shopping cart help your business?’ – but since ProductCart is our e-commerce solution of choice here at NetSource, we’ll stick with that title.  For any business with any kind of product base, whether retail, manufacturing or wholesale, a listing of those products on the web should be a must.  After all, as a business you want – strike that, you need – customers to be able to find your products.

How does ProductCart help? Well, ProductCart is the door to exposure of your products to the web and consequently to people.  The makers of ProductCart, EarlyImpact, have included many features to help get your products in front of potential customers.  Here is a quick rundown:

  • SEO Optimized Pages – ProductCart allows for keyword rich pages as well as optimized URL links for each product (for instance, instead of seeing “product_display.asp?id=134” you may see “Samsung-21B-LCD-Monitor-p134”)
  • Google Integration
    • Google Sitemaps – Creates a file structured for use in the Google Webmaster Tools program.  This will help your products get indexed in Google.
    • Google Base – ProductCart can generate a file to be submitted to Google Base so your individual products will be searchable there and get returned as “Shopping” results.
    • Google Analytics – Is now fully integrated into ProductCart.  Google Analytics helps you understand what customers are doing on your site and how they got there.
    • Widget for Blogs – You may include products from your store automatically into your blog or social networking account.

There are many other features available in ProductCart that can help your business succeed.  (For more articles, click on the ProductCart tag to the right) If you would like more information, please get in touch with a NetSource consultant.

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