Marketing Content & the Buyer’s Journey Part 2

Content Creation, Delivery & Promotion

In the second of our 3 part series, we discuss three elements of content development in the context of the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey frames the approach to content creation, delivery, and promotion. When utilized properly, the buyer’s journey provides the framework for what content to create and where it should be placed. The buyer’s journey is sadly underutilized and under-appreciated. However, it is the perfect guide to thinking about your prospects, ensuring the right content ends up in front of your audiences.

The Marriage of the Marketing Content & Buyer’s Journey

The first question posed to Kevin Shayne, Director of Marketing with NetSource Technologies, is “Where should we begin with content creation”. He explains how focusing on the customer makes the process of content generation much simpler. In fact, there are places within your organization that house all the knowledge needed for content creation. Kevin also points out a method he uses, that you can easily take on as your own.

Content Delivery

Overwhelming. That’s one word to describe content generally. It’s not just what content but then where to place that content. Kevin provides a simplified approach so that you don’t become overwhelmed. This methodology works even if you have a lot of content already constructed. His guidance is more like a playbook for success than a grand approach or strict rules to adhere to. It’s obvious that even companies with plenty of existing content can benefit from going back and cleaning things up. This is where some of the tips he provides can be especially helpful.

Content Promotion

Typically when people think of promotion they immediately run toward advertising and extensive off-site work. Kevin recommends you start closer to home. This simplified approach makes a lot of sense. However, he does point out that provisions should exist for long-tail content that focuses on the purchase stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Kevin notes that this long-tail content is worthy of paid promotion. The one extremely consistent point he makes is sticking to the Buyer’s Journey as the guide, not just for content but on:

  • WHAT content is created
  • WHERE you put that content
  • HOW you promote the content

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