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The Power of A/B Testing and Ongoing Revisions

Nowadays, the only way you can truly know how to reach your target audience is to test it out first. Advertising and marketing are based on making judgements about who you’re attempting to reach and then following through with your first ideas. As professionals, we’re...

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Video Series: Marketing With Micro Moments

What are micro-moments and how do they apply to your mobile marketing strategy?  In this video our website consultant, Brent Haeseker, talks to Justin Cook, our SEO expert about micro-moments.  Together, they shed a lot of light on this important new trend in online...

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Business Website Success #7: Choosing The Right Provider

No matter who you use to redesign your website, it is going to be a significant investment. Using wise discernment is important when reviewing developer candidates to make sure your money will be well spent. Like any business, there are key indicators that help you...

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