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4 Great Reasons to Consider Adding Live Chat to Your Website

How your business handles customer service is paramount to your success - and your customers’ if you’re a B2B business. There are so many tools and systems available in the customer service realm to consider when deciding how your team will service customers. One tool...

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Business Website Success #5: Initial Marketing Ideas

It may seem odd that we are at the fifth stage of this blog series on Business Website Success for redesigning your website and we have yet to talk about website design or budgeting.  You may already have some initial design ideas in your head or a rough budget...

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Business Website Success #3: Defining Website Needs

There is much thought that goes into any new website, and the larger your site and the more features it has the more planning will be needed to ensure your goals are met.  But before we jump into determining your website needs, let's start with the needs of your...

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Why You Shouldn’t Go Tagless

URL tagging is a very important part of tracking the performance of your AdWords ads and can help you determine which ads and keywords are giving you the best (and worst) ROI. What is URL tagging? URL tagging adds parameters to the end of your ad's destination URL...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Building your Presence Online

Does your business have a strong online presence? Volatile and ever-changing, the business world is tough and becoming increasingly harder to stay ahead of the competition and reach new customers. However, most business owners simply don’t have the time to research...

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The Dos and Don’ts for Online Lead Forms

At some point in your online life you’ve probably visited a website where a form popped up asking you to fill out some basic information: name, email, phone number, etc. Maybe you’ve never filled one out, or maybe you’ve filled them all out (which is why you spend the...

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Providing Better Customer Service Via Your Website

There are many reasons why customer service is important to your success as a company.  The main reason is customer service can cost you repeat and future business if it is bad.  No matter how niche your business may be, with the whole world online, competition is...

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