13 Jun / 2014

Meet the Dads of NetSource

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and here at NetSource, we’ve got some pretty great dads! We asked them about some of their favorite Dad moments and Father’s Day highlights. We hope their responses make you smile as much as we did!


NetSource President Greg Petry

Kids: Savannah 17, Chase 16, Tori 22

Favorite Father’s Day Present: Tickets to our family’s first (Devil) Rays game at Tropicana Field – The Rays played the Red Sox and they cleared the benches 3 times in one game. Been to a lot more games since and have never seen the benches clear since then.

Funniest Memory of Being a Dad: Christmas eve when Tori was 4 or 5, my parents came up to be there for Christmas morning. At around midnight, my wife hands me a box and says, “Can you and your dad put this together real quick?” 3 hours and about 1 million small pink pieces later, we had completed assembly of the “Barbie Dream House” – the biggest little project ever.


Website Consultant Matt Foster

Kids: Juan Carlos, 9 years old.

Favorite Father’s Day Present: A hand-made coffee mug. Juan Carlos has learned that coffee is a very important resource, and you can’t drink coffee from a tie.

Funniest Memory of Being a Dad: Lots of those. Most recent memorable event: Watching Juan Carlos get his swim suit knocked off by the Flowrider on board Oasis of the Seas.


Programmer Matt Weber

Kids: Abigail, 9 years old

Favorite Father’s Day Present: A book… “My Dad is a Hero” by Abigail

Funniest Memory of Being a Dad: Abby was helping grandpa drive the boat and we crashed into a sandbar. I had to jump into the cold November water and push us free.


Lead Programmer Lee Simpson

Kids: Nolan 3, Aubrynn 7, Brianna 10

Favorite Father’s Day Present: Each gift is my favorite every year!

Funniest Memory of Being a Dad: I’m sure there are particular moments that may stand out, but I really enjoy experiencing them in the present — there is always something just around the corner.


Web Designer Ron Largett

Favorite Father’s Day Present: Nike running shoes

Funniest Memory of Being a Dad: Watching the kids dance the Cha Cha Slide!

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