Want to Engage the 96% of Your Lost Website Visitors?

Did you ever think about how many website visitors you have versus actual leads? Most would rather not think about it because it’s actually the bulk of your website traffic? What if I said recovering lost leads was possible utilizing marketing automation? In fact, we put together an approach that takes away the complexity of marketing automation and concentrates on the value to address this problem.

I’m going to break down our exclusive maximum impact marketing automation that is the key to recovering lost website leads and turn them into customers.

Specialized Marketing Automation

The key to recovering lost leads rests with marketing automation. But it isn’t just generalized marketing automation. It is a specific process we have to get those otherwise lost visitors.

Before launching into that, let’s touch on the big why marketing automation solves big problems that few think about and less are even aware of.

Fixes the Big Problem…Recovering Lost Leads

When we examined our customers’ websites we discovered an obvious pattern. The website is a sales tool providing information about products and services. In short, it’s all about selling. No surprises there right? Of course, you focus on selling.

Marketing Automation Targets ResearchersWebsites evolve and their origins are rarely questioned. Yet the fatal flaw built into them is that they address the notion that visitors are there to purchase from you. Unfortunately, not all their website visitors are looking to buy right now.

In fact, a study by Marketing found that 96% of website visitors are NOT ready to buy now. Most are shopping and researching….even during the best of times.

Stop and think about this for a little bit. Only 4% ready to buy now. The implications are pretty significant and should be reflected in the way your website presents information.

Sales & Marketing

It’s a sweet fantasy to think that everyone who comes to your site is ready to buy. In fact, it isn’t even worth approaching things that way. It’s better to think about potential customers and providing content to assist them. In doing so, you pave the way for sales.

So, if your website visitor is seeking one thing and you are providing them something completely different, there’s a significant disconnect. This disconnect results in visitors abandoning your site to find what they want.

They are going to do this process until they find a site that engages them with content of interest and/or addresses to their concerns.

There are sad parts to this play:

  • You pay to get visitors to your website but are letting them go without a second thought
  • Right now you can address these visitors questions and concerns
  • Many of these shoppers can become customers of yours yet they are likely to leave and not return
  • You left a negative impression that you care more about selling than about helping (no matter what you say)

Marketing Automation to the Rescue

Recovery Lost LeadsWe developed a system that addresses the big problem of lost opportunity but also takes care of many other problems as well.

We do the following:

  • Develop highly engaging content targeted at your website visitors who are researching and shopping
  • Implement a smart form that offers this content to visitors prior to them departing your website
  • Develop and deliver a sequence of emails that assist in research and educating them so they engage with your sales team

With this system, there’s nothing for your company to develop or implement. We work with you to ensure the content is aligned with your business and of value to these non-buying visitors. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure that we convert as many of those previously lost website visitors as possible.

Want to Get More Leads by Using Email Marketing? 

We have an array of strategies built around content marketing for you to build your own pipeline. Get customers who are educated, familiar with your company, appreciate your messaging, and are prepared to become your customer.

Get a no-cost consultation to identify how you can turn email nurture into a hands-free customer delivery system. 

CALL NOW: 800-709-3240 or email [email protected]

Big Benefits

Even though our primary concern is upon recovering lost leads, there are many other direct and indirect benefits gained from our system. Here’s just a few:

  • Establish your value
  • Accelerate the sales process due to pre-sales education
  • Build a sales pipeline
  • Emails build a connection to your brand and keep you top of mind
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Utilization of a hands-free automated always-on leads system
  • Maximize otherwise lost marketing web traffic costs
  • And more

The Bottomline ROI?

What makes this so fantastic is the ROI. Let’s breakdown the numbers using a hypothetical scenario:

  • 100 lost visitors a month to your site
  • Get 20% to opt-in = 240 a year
  • Email gets 10% of those to convert to business = 24 NEW DEALS
  • If your average profit is $5k = $120k in PROFIT!

Even if implementing our marketing automation program is $20k wouldn’t be well worth it? Well, it isn’t $20k!

Need Help Getting into Your Prospects Inbox?

We utilize opt-in content to build a strong connection to your prospects. By combining content with the buyer’s journey and ongoing communication, you’ll have a completely automated and powerful system. Easily assist prospects in moving from an unknown website visitors to customers (and ultimate advocates).

Of course you want more information!

Contact us at [email protected] or call 800-709-3240 and we can help you navigate modern email marketing.




* https://www.marketo.com/ebooks/website-and-seo-for-lead-generation/

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