What If They Aren’t Ready To Buy Now?

This is the second of our Do More Digitally video series. The main thrust of the webinar is about how you can make your brand more viable by building content. The content should be constructed to engage shoppers more deeply ensuring that you avoid a “buy now or goodbye” approach to your messaging. “Buy or Goodbye” applies to delivering content exclusively focused upon the sale of your services or products (including things like specifications and product descriptions).

What If They Aren’t Ready To Buy Now?

It is not viable to merely attract website visitors that are ready to purchase from you right away. Everyone is a shopper now. In addition, everyone wants to understand more than ever. They do more research and seek vendors who go beyond commoditzed selling.

The Coronavirus

The current situation, with Coronavirus, should make clear that prospects will be thirsty for more elaborated digital content. We believe that if businesses do not adjust their approach to marketing and sales, they risk relevancy to shoppers. Shoppers will seek content providers (websites) that address and help them determine the best solutions. In light of “social distancing”, they will avoid physical engagement even more than they have in the past.

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