Unleash the Power of Targeted Advertising with Geofencing

Geofencing is a recent innovation that allows direct advertising to devices that enter a specific geo-location (accurate within 2 feet). With default location services in place, advertisements are served to the device within browser and applications. Not only that ads can reappear for up to 30 days with any degree of persistence desired. 

Geofencing has so many applications that it’s really only limited by the imagination. It can work for online or brick and mortar organizations. It can be used to retain your customers or target competitors. It can also be used to target potential customers based upon behaviors and activities. 

This is a truly unique capability that isn’t easily replicated using any other form of marketing. You can advertise to those crossing a part of a road or a trade show. You can even target a specific area within retail, service or other location/establishment. 

Geofencing What If?

What if you had the ability to advertise directly to a prospect based upon where they physically go? If they are at a store, shop, event, or other place you can present them with an advertisement. 

At first it may seem irrelevant. However, if you start to get creative you will begin to understand the power of this ability. 

Let’s say you are own a drug store/pharmacy (CMS, Walgreens, or even a local pharmacy). You want to capture and grow your customer base. You can’t really advertise inside of hospitals but you certainly would love to target patients since most require some sort of product you sell. 

Our geofencing allows you to do that kind of targeted advertising. We can even target specific messages to specific parts of a hospital. For example, different advertisements for cancer clinics, rehabilitation facilities, pediatric, maternity, or more. 

Another example? 

How about you sell team sports memorabilia. How do you reach your target audience without spending a fortune? Imagine if you could advertise a specific jersey or gear for a specific team to those who attend a game? There’s no other immediately targeted visual advertising like that except television and that’s very expensive and not persistent (geofencing runs for up to 30 days)

Do you feel you have a better offering than a competitor? If they have a physical location you can target their audience with an offer. This is a great way to build brand awareness and grow market share. 

Do you know your market demographic? If there are things that your target audience does you can target them. For example, are you interested in Telsa owners? What about targeting recharging stations as well as Telsa dealerships. 

These are just a few of the many ideas we develop for our customers. 

We can get you in front of your desired audience!

NetSource Technologies combines the knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics with geofencing technology solutions to implement campaigns that deliver eyeballs, leads, and customers to your brand. We will work with you to implement creative campaigns that deliver results. Our goal is to ensure proper use of your funds to achieve your ultimate objectives. 

Contact us today so we can discuss your goals and we start implementing your geofencing campaigns.


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