3 Steps to Improving your Ad’s Call-to-Action

An easy way to send your customers running is having an unclear call to action (CTA) in your online ad copy or design. You are in trouble if you are attracting customers to your site with weak CTA’s or using them for your advertisement. A strong CTA will help increase your Click-Through-Rate and ultimately help you reach sales goals. Here are some simple tips for improving your marketing CTA.

Select A Goal

What is the point of the Call-to-Action? If you do not know what your end goal is for your ad, you cannot successfully create a CTA. Selecting a goal is the most important part of CTA’s. Some examples of goals include a completed form, email sign up, purchase, or even a social media interaction.

Key Words

Using specific key words can help improve you CTA’s effectiveness. Varying by industry, some words such as “Free” or “Discount” can help attract people to your ads or products. Do research on words that work best with your products and services, as well as your target demographic. You want to be sure there is a return benefit for completing the action. If you are offering them something that has no benefit to them, it is unlikely that they will complete the action.


You also want to use words that are clear and precise when describing the action. For example, if your goal is to have customers sign up, a strong CTA would be “Sign Up Here” or “Get started now”.  Creating CTA’s with clear actions will increase their effectiveness.  Mixed messages and goals can leave consumers confused and less likely to complete the actions. Here is an example of this:


Here we are telling people that can receive tips and useful information, but we are not telling them how or why they should.

Here is a more actionable CTA:


Don’t waste your time and effort with meaningless advertisement. Use these tips to identify your weaknesses and hit your goals.