4 Reasons Why Claiming Your Local Business Listings is Important


Incorporating location intelligence into your marketing can drastically drive up results by getting your business and its message out to the right audience at the right time. When you know how to use geomarketing in an effective way, you build trust with your consumers and can easily provide them with the information they need. One form of geomarketing is local listings. these are the free business listings from sites like Google, Yelp, YP, etc. It is important for you to claim your business listings. Here’s why:

Claiming your business listings builds trust and prevents misinformation.

More and more people are looking to the search engines to check out businesses and read reviews. The last thing you want for your business is to NOT be found. When you don’t claim your business, you don’t have control over the accuracy of the information shown. By claiming your business listings, you ensure that potential customers have access to complete and accurate information. Keeping this information up to date in conjunction with your website promotes consumer confidence that they are seeing consistent information.

Claiming your business is additional marketing.

The listing of your business exists whether you know it or not.  It is a form of marketing for your business and it’s free. Claiming your listings often gives you more access to curate what shows up to people searching. You can add more photos, descriptions and even specials in some instances.

Claiming your business increases brand visibility.

Claiming your listings across so many established search engines, local service sites, directories and mapping apps allow your brand to be VISIBLE across the internet. Consumers searching for your products or services that you offer will be aware of who you are and what your business provides.

Claiming your business creates opportunities.

Every listing opens doors for user engagement whether it’s a comment, review or question. This feedback can help you improve your business.  It allows you to engage with your customers as well. Consumers are real people who are leaving real reviews and a claimed listing can help your business stand out. Consider using this opportunity to point out how your business excels above the competition.

NetSource can claim and clean up your listings across the most established search engines, local service sites, directories, and mapping apps.  We will maintain accurate listings with up-to-date photos (where applicable), and we will remove duplicate and/or inaccurate listings that might be harming your business.  Annual service includes initial claiming of listings and duplicate suppression, up to 6 updates (new hours, location photos, phone numbers, etc.) per year, and quarterly status reports.


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