4 Signs of Poor Website Design

The world we know today is one of digital dominance, and the average amount of time spent online increases every year. People have become more interested in online shopping because they think they can get better deals online and won’t have to shop in crowded malls or stores.  According to nchannel.com, 64% of people think customer experience is more important than price and 65% of people have cut ties over a single poor experience.

Numerous factors are taken into account when discussing customer experience and the most important factor of customer experience is website design. Your website’s design determines how a customer feels and interacts with your brand.

So how do you know if your business has poor website design? Here are the top 4 warning signs that your web design needs improvement:

  1. Public Opinion

    Positive experiences contribute to higher sales, while negative website reviews hinder marketing efforts and, in some cases, lead to the downfall of an organization. When a customer interacts with a business’s website, the customer treats this interaction as direct contact and, depending on the overall experience, effects how positively or negatively they view that business.

    Poor website design creates havoc in a visitors’ mind, leading them to be confused and frustrated. Once the tolerance threshold is exceeded, a customer will leave the website annoyed and with a bad experience, thus creating a negative view in that visitor’s mind.

    The experts at NetSource Technologies specialize in creating mobile and search friendly web designs that maximum the user experience.


  1. Customer Loyalty

    Studies show that it’s 60 to 70% easier to sell to a repeat customer than a new customer, and they’re worth 10 times their initial purchase. Customers like repeat business because there perceived risks are minimized due to a pleasant first experience. First impressions with a consumer are everything and can either lead to a continual relationship or a quick and abrupt end.

    Some warning signs are a lower percentage of “repeat customers” compared to “new customers,” high bounce rates, high number of abandoned shopping carts.


  1. Revenue & ROI

    89% of customers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience. In case you skipped that first sentence, 89% of customers is a LOT of business. Based on this statistic alone, you want to make sure your customers have the best experience possible on their first encounter with your website. Otherwise, they’ll be taking their business to one of your competitors in a hurry.

    Optimizing your website will save you money and build your brand, trust the design experts at NetSource Technologies.


  1. Search Engine Rankings

    Search engine rankings are your sites placement on the results page when a consumer types in a specific search query into one of the major search engines. Each search engine places different weight values on various aspects of your website, such as headings, URL structure, text content, mobile friendliness, and reviews, to name a few. All factors are assigned a different weight and will determine how well, or poorly, a site ranks.

    Low traffic, high bounce rates and low search engine rankings, are all signs of problems dealing with website design. Optimizing your search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo can be tough, but certified SEO professionals are trained in ways to improve your results to achieve the best rankings for your company.