5 Ideas for Adding Video to Your Website

So you finally got your website up, running, and ready for client/customer interaction but what comes next? Many people think you just stop there and let the website do its magic. However, one of the best things you can do to increase customer interaction and referrals is to add videos to your website yet many find the idea a daunting one. I am here to tell you that it does not have to be hard at all and, in fact, it can be quite a lot of fun too. So here are five ideas to get you started.


1. Facility Tours or Behind the Scenes Videos

Your customers and clients want to know everything about you and your business. It’s part of the decision process. Seeing how your business operates builds their confidence in your ability to deliver quality services and goods. Making videos that focus on different parts of your facility’s operations and behind the scenes footage helps your current and potential clients feel like they know you and your brand. Knowing those things will make it easier for them to identify and trust you and your products or services.

2. 360’s of Showrooms, Sales Floors, and Production Areas

Showing your customers exactly what is in store for them when they come to your business can ease their anxieties when it comes to purchasing products and services. 360 Videos of your showroom, sales floors, and production areas gets your current and potential customers up close and personal with your business and its products and services. Knowing exactly what your business looks like makes it that much easier for them to call and/or visit.

3. Staff Interviews and Employee of the Month

Customers like to feel like they’re part of your extended family, and being part of a family means knowing about each other and taking part in special celebrations. Creating video interviews with your staff will allow your customers to get to know the people that serve them and makes interacting with your staff just like talking to a family member or an old friend.

Also, sharing videos regularly of your employees of the month and how they go above and beyond will show your customers, current and potential, not only the quality of the people working for you but also that you, as a business owner, care for and recognize your employees for their talents and professionalism. This can do wonders for your company’s bottom line, reputation, and brand.

4. Tips & How-to’s

Another great type of video to add to your website are tips and how-to’s. These helpful videos not only give current customers advice but they also draw in potential new customers to your site as well. Think of all the times you have searched the internet looking for answers and wound up on a company’s website with them dishing out the great advice you were looking for. How did that make you feel about that company and its brand? More than likely you started taking a closer look at their site and what they had to offer you. Perhaps you even decided to purchase from them.

These types of videos do not have to be long either. As a matter of fact, a simple 30-45 second video with some quality tips, tricks, and how-to’s is just enough to ignite interest in your website’s viewers and make them want to come back repeatedly and even tell their friends, family, and colleagues about your company.

5. Customer Testimonials

Now I cannot say enough about creating customer testimonial videos. These types of videos are absolutely essential to any business regardless of what types of services or products you sell. People like to know that you have a great reputation and stand for quality, and nothing can convince them more than actual customers telling stories about their experiences with your company.

Anytime you have anyone that is happy about doing business with your company make it a habit to ask if they would mind helping you get that message out to others by making a short 30-45 second video for your website. Customer testimonials can go an amazingly long way toward creating not only an impeccable reputation but also an endless line of referrals for your company as the word gets out about how satisfied your current customers are.

These are just five ideas for adding video to your website. The possibilities though are endless and only limited by your imagination. Look around and find topics that your customers are interested in, ask your current customers what types of things they want to know about your company and products, listen to the people who come to your business or post comments on your social media sites. Give your customers, current and future, the answers they are looking for and they will come back again and again and tell everyone they know.