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Mitigate your website legal exposure right now with ADA website compliance services

ADA compian websites

While website ADA compliance adherence is winding its way through the US legal system, unprotected corporate websites expose businesses to extremely expensive and extended court battles that can put an entire company at risk. But there is a solution.

With our specialized ADA compliance tool, your legal exposure becomes negligible. We dynamically and proactively provide ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 Compliance for your website by implementing our AI-powered software.


The average out of court settlement on an ADA related lawsuit starts around $20,000. If the company loses the case in court there are fines, settlement compensation and also remediation. Fines range up to $55,000 excluding attorney fees. Compensation for damages can be substantial and then there is the burden of immediate website compliance (typically required within a matter of days).

Your website will become usable by people with disabilities. In addition, you are mitigating a significant threat to your business.

ADA compliance has been the law for over 15 years now and is only recently being applied to websites. Failure to demonstrate any concern for the legislation creates a significant and serious liability. Let our software, with its powerful learning and adaptive abilities, deliver all the needed functionality to protect your company.

Features for users include:

  • Font adjustments
  • Color adjustments
  • Animation control
  • Content highlighting
  • Audio muting
  • Cognitive assistance
  • And more...

ADA Compliance focuses on:

  • The visionally impaired – blind, color blind, blurred vision, cataracts, other visual challenges
  • Those with motor and mobility issues
  • Epileptics
  • Those with cognitive disorders

We support all the major web browsers for both Mac and Windows users. Do not be blindsided by legal entanglements. Get ADA compliant quickly and easily today.


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