Celebrating NetSource’s Success at the 2023 ADDY Awards

NetSource Technologies Wins 4 Awards in the 2023 ADDY Awards AAF Competition

The ADDY Awards stand as the nation’s largest advertising competition, organized annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). These prestigious awards offer agencies from across the country a platform to demonstrate their creative prowess and expertise, celebrating outstanding achievements in the advertising industry.

NetSource Technologies proudly participated in the local 2023 ADDY Awards. Hosted by the North Central Florida AAF, this event not only highlights the creative spirit of participants but also honors their dedication to excellence in advertising. Like previous years, we brought our innovative approach and specialized skills to the forefront of the competition.

This year, NetSource Technologies was once again among the celebrated winners, reinforcing our reputation for delivering exceptional website development and digital marketing. Our continued success at the ADDYs underscores our commitment to crafting impactful and creative digital marketing strategies that resonate. Continue reading to see our results and view our 2023 ADDY award-winning designs!

NetSource Technologies’ 2023 ADDY Award Winners

Silver ADDY for Logo Design

Lauryn Crowley designed an outstanding logo for Ever Built of Ocala, which won in the Elements of Advertising, Visual category.

Logo Design for Ever Built of Ocala

Best in Show for B2B Website & Silver ADDY

Derek Heron’s exceptional design for TeamCone.Net was recognized in the Online/Interactive, Websites category, showcasing the site’s innovative approach to business-to-business communication.

Team Cone B2B Website Design Examples<br />
Custom Website Design Stand Out from the Competition

Silver ADDY for Social Media

The “Be Here with Beway” campaign for McClain’s RV, designed by Lauryn Crowley with copy by Emma Davis and Krissy Wagner, excelled in the Online/Interactive, Social Media Single Execution category, demonstrating creative excellence in digital advertising.

Social Media Marketing - Digital Ad 2023 ADDY Awards Winner
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Behind the Scenes at the 2023 ADDY Awards Gala with NetSource Technologies

NetSource Technologies had the pleasure of attending the 2023 ADDY Awards, held at the Daft Cow Brewery in the innovative San Felasco Tech City, Alachua, Florida. The event brought together a varied group of advertising experts to showcase and talk about their most recent projects. This central location was perfect as participants came from the broader Gainesville and Ocala markets. From our digital marketing agency in Ocala, it was a straight shot via I-75 north.

The location was perfect and set the stage for a night of engaging conversations and creative celebrations. Daft Cow Brewery has a modern a welcoming environment that was further enhanced with the delicious food from Cilantro Tacos. As participants, we fully engaged in the vibrant and energetic atmosphere, which beautifully reflected the creative spirit and enthusiasm of the advertising community.

NetSource Technologies Team at the 2023 Addy Awards.
our agency winning awards for successful Facebook ads and website designs

Pictured left to right: Jim Jarrell, Marjorie Wheeler, Derek Heron, Lauryn Crowley. 

Our Team’s Success at the 2023 Addy Awards

NetSource Technologies’ success at the 2023 ADDY Awards is a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of our team members.

Behind the scenes, our creative talents like Derek Heron combine vibrant design skills with practical functionality. With over 6.5 years at the company, Derek’s charismatic approach and humor infuse his projects with a unique charm. A Florida Atlantic University BFA holder, his website designs are not only visually stunning but also optimized for conversions.
Lauryn Crowley, a veteran with over five years at NetSource, exemplifies creative excellence with her meticulous attention to detail and a knack for designing compelling calls-to-action. Known for her exquisite logo designs and creativity, Lauryn’s work consistently stands out for its aesthetic and functional finesse.

The social media front this year was spearheaded by Emma Davis (left) with social team member Krissy Wagner (right). As part of the social media team, they bring a rich background in mass communications to our team. Emma, a University of Florida journalism alum, and Krissy, with her expertise in advertising and marketing from the University of South Florida, have collectively been with NetSource for over five years. Their collaborative efforts have significantly enhanced our social media strategies.

At NetSource, we pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative environment where creativity and data-driven insights converge to produce innovative advertising solutions. This synergy of skills and industry-specific expertise has propelled us to win a total of 91 ADDYs, underscoring our position as leaders in digital marketing.
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Looking Forward

At NetSource Technologies, our sights are set high for the next ADDY Awards and beyond. We are driven by a commitment to not just participate but to lead and innovate in the advertising landscape. Our future aspirations involve harnessing cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to continue delivering unparalleled advertising solutions.

To push creative boundaries, we invest in emerging digital tools and platforms, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of industry trends. This includes exploring advancements in AI-driven design and data analytics to enhance audience targeting and campaign effectiveness. By integrating these technologies, we aim to refine our approach to digital storytelling, creating more personalized and impactful advertising experiences.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development within our team. Encouraging our staff to pursue further education and training, participate in workshops, and stay updated with the latest advertising techniques will ensure that every campaign we launch is grounded in innovation and excellence.

Through these strategies, NetSource Technologies is poised to not only meet the future challenges of the advertising world but to redefine them, continuing our legacy of excellence and creativity at the ADDYs and in all our client engagements. Our Ocala digital marketing agency is dedicated to driving our client’s’ success–that is what we do.

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At the 2023 ADDY Awards, NetSource Technologies demonstrated exceptional creativity and effectiveness, earning accolades across multiple categories. These accomplishments not only underscore our commitment to excellence in digital marketing but also enhance our reputation as a leader in the industry. They reflect our ability to deliver superior results, ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and reinforcing the trust placed in us by our partners.

These achievements at the ADDYs spotlight the innovative spirit and collaborative effort of our team, proving that with NetSource, businesses can elevate their advertising strategies to new heights. If you’re looking to drive meaningful engagement and powerful results through expert advertising solutions, consider partnering with NetSource Technologies. Let’s create award-winning campaigns together!

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