AdWords Rolls Out Callout Ad Extension

Google recently added Callout extensions to it’s every growing list of ad extensions. To read about other AdWords extensions, see my previous blog post on this subject.

Let’s take a look at Callout extensions in more detail.

What is a Callout Extension?

A callout extension is a short phrase which describes a product, service or benefit your business offers. An ad may show two, three, four or no callout extensions. When you create callout extensions they can apply to the ads in your entire account, a specific campaign or a specific ad group.

For all the official details about callout extensions, check out Google’s help page.

Example Ad with Callout Extensions

Let’s say you’re a company that manufactures widgets and some of the benefits that set your business apart from your competition are that you can ship your widgets in one hour via drone, your stores are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you provide free shipping.

You can easily use callout extensions to highlight these impressive benefits to potential customers. Here’s what the ad might look like (the callout extensions are outlined in red):

Why Should You Use Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions give you a way of communicating to potential customers some of the special benefits your business offers. Without callout extensions these benefits would not be evident unless the potential customer had been to your website or if they had done business with you in past. Callout extensions allow you to show these benefits right with your ad.

Including these additional details makes your business more enticing than other businesses who don’t include any of their additional benefits or whose benefits aren’t as great as yours.


So, as you can see, callout extensions can help your business set itself apart from your competition making you more successful in your online advertising.

How will you use callout extensions in your ads?