Call Tracking Phone Number Benefits

Once upon a time, the phone numbers of every person known to us were kept in the archives of our minds. Phone numbers were another way to brand a business, but not anymore. With the invention of the smart phones, remembering phone numbers is no longer necessary. Using a call tracking phone number, or multiple numbers, your business can drill down to the details and find out which marketing efforts give you the most return on investment. In short, see what advertising brings in more quality leads and sales.

In addition to knowing how and where to advertise, using a call tracking phone number will also give you vital data on your customers and their habits. What does this do for your business? Allows tracking of the data provided from all incoming calls. This data will tell a business so many things.


  • Where leads are coming from.
  • How many conversions you’re getting by phone.
  • Data showing what works for your target audience.

The Secret is in the Details of Call Tracking

Businesses often advertise through more than one medium at a time. With so many options in marketing, it’s important to know exactly which advertisements are bringing in the most leads, and eventually conversions. When something is successful, it makes sense to repeat it. Using a tracking phone number system will offer so much information that can be utilized for your benefit.


Origin of Incoming Calls

With call tracking, each medium used for advertising your business can have its own phone number. This could be paid advertising on a social media platform or through Google Ads, Google Search, your website, third party websites, or even other avenues of digital or print advertising. Since people don’t memorize phone numbers these days, using tracking numbers isn’t a problem…it’s a beneficial solution! Businesses can then see which advertisements are bringing in the most phone calls, even which ones bring in the most conversions.

Days and Times with Highest Call Volume

With call tracking, businesses can review what days and times leads are most likely to call and how long they speak to your sales team. You can be sure you’re adequately staffed when it’s most beneficial to your bottom line. Scheduling staff break times and even days off during slower times for business will be beneficial to your inquiring callers and your business. Have the man power to answer the phone and sell units when your target buyers want to buy.

Length of Calls and Call Time Averages

As leads call your dealership, tracking how long calls last will provide insight into the quality of your sales team communication. Leads calling in are great. It is equally important that your staff is able to provide those leads with information that sells them on your dealership by providing them with what they need. Dealerships can be sure their sales members are communicating with leads by phone with quality and education. 

Phone Alarm Clock

Call Tracking Conversion Rates from Call to Sale

When a business finds certain actions successful to making sales, it’s important to be able to explain the actions and duplicate them repeatedly.

Here’s an example: If a certain advertising medium averages 10 incoming calls per week, and 5 convert to sales, that is a successful marketing effort. Let’s say another advertisement yields 20 incoming calls per week, but only 1 to 2 sales weekly on average. If both advertising options cost about the same, option 1 is the more beneficial marketing solution for your bottom line. In the future, you will likely be more successful spending your marketing dollars and efforts with option 1 also.

Tracking calls can help quantify this information and use it to your benefit. You can directly quantify all the conversions your dealership receives from incoming calls, then duplicate those actions and make more sales.

Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Working for You?

When using a third party marketing agency or advertising firm, it is important to be able to show an accurate return on your investment. Call tracking phone numbers are an excellent way to do that. When a company provides an advertising service for your business, you’ll be able to report exactly how many leads they’ve been able to send your way. Then, you can find out how many of those leads turned into closed sales. Call tracking will provide a major insight on if your digital marketing agency is providing successful actions for your business.

NetSource has your Call Tracking Solutions!

Whether you’re starting a new marketing plan internally or hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle your growth plans, tracking calls is a no brainer. It will allow your business to see all the ways your digital marketing is helping your business, and all the ways it is not. For more information, contact NetSource today!