Case Study: Leigh Anne’s Loft

The Client: Leigh Anne’s Loft

How We Helped: Website Redesign with Adaptive Mobile Development, Ecommerce Platform Switch from Shopify to ProductCart, Email Marketing, and Social Media Management (including paid Facebook and Instagram)


The Details:

Leigh Anne’s Loft is a family owned boutique in Sikeston, Missouri that specializes in children’s clothing and fashion. When the owner, Leigh Anne Icaza, first came to us, she was operating her online store through a standard Shopify account that did not provide a friendly or effective user experience. In addition, her website was generating very little traffic.  To rectify this, our web designers created a custom website design for Leigh Anne, complete with mobile commerce. After exporting all products and images from her previous Shopify account and importing into her new ProductCart site, then syncing her new website sales and inventory data with her Quickbooks, Leigh Anne was able to easily manage and add content and new products to her website while selling the same products via her brick-and-mortar storefront.

Website BEFORE


The Results:

Since the redesign of her website, Leigh Anne’s Loft has experienced a surge in online sales. Our marketing team developed an in-depth strategy to market both her Ecommerce store and brick and mortar store via social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. Leigh Anne’s Loft also utilizes our GeoMarketing package to ensure her local business listings appear accurately across 61 of the Internet’s most established search engines, local service sites, directories and mapping apps.

As a result of the website redesign and marketing efforts, Leigh Anne’s overall website sessions have increased by over 2000%, the bounce rate has decreased by over 28%, and Ecommerce revenue has increased by 100%.

In the first month of social media marketing, Leigh Anne’s Facebook page acquired over 460 new fans, and increased impressions by over 140,000 people. Instagram followers have increased by 675% and Instagram post engagement has increased by 575%.

Leigh Anne’s Loft continues to grow in both sales and popularity. Currently, we are in the final stages of website updates, helping to improve usability through newly categorized product data and Point of Sale shopping features.