Webinar: Coronavirus, Social Distancing & Your Business


Social Distancing And The Impact on Your Business

This free webinar is the first in a two part series of helpful videos for dealership marketing. A good portion of the presentation addresses social distancing and its impact on businesses. Netsource Director of Marketing Kevin Shayne goes into how these current circumstances will propel businesses toward stronger digital engagement with their customers.

Coronavirus, Social Distancing And Your Business

Because many people are staying home, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for more in-depth digital content for shoppers. This means providing a wider variety of content and finding new outlets to communicate that content to your prospective customers.

Even before the pandemic, we’ve encouraged businesses to avoid the “Buy or Goodbye” approach to content, where you create content solely for the purpose of selling your services or products. In other words, if a customer isn’t ready to purchase from you right away when they visit your online content, you don’t have anything else to offer them. They’ll likely leave your site without returning.

A better approach is to create content that targets shoppers at every stage of their buying journey. The current circumstances with the pandemic only exacerbate the need for more dedication to your digital content. Because of social distancing guidelines and an inability or reluctancy to physically visit your business, your digital reach may be the only connection they can make with you! If you don’t create content that is relevant to shoppers at all stages, those shoppers will seek out other content providers (websites) that address their questions and help them determine the best solution for them.