Boost Your Local SEO Ranking with Google Business Profile

Local search engine optimization can help your business find its best new customers. Local SEO gets your business in front of potential clients who are already searching for your products or services nearby. Part of this strategy is the optimization of your Google Business Profile. This SEO pushes your business higher in the Local Pack or Map results. Map-based results appear on local business searches. Though different from traditional SEO, local SEO can offer many of the same benefits – from gaining leads to increasing website traffic.

Improve Local SEO with Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile was known as Google My Business until November 2021, when Google announced the name change and some new features. GBP provides businesses with a way to centrally manage their profiles across different Google platforms. It allows businesses to showcase their products and services locally, in both the Local Pack and Map search results.

Google Business Profiles provide business information like store hours, the business phone number and a website link. The profile appears in Google searches, making it easy to find and easy to use. They’re populated through both a business owner’s edits and community suggestions. Your business’ GBP is also where you can manage and respond to reviews of your business. It’s the perfect place to incorporate all aspects of your business’ local web presence.

How is Local SEO Different?

Where website SEO helps your site appear higher in organic search results, local SEO helps your business rank higher in Local Pack. Local SEO has nothing to do with your website or organic SEO. Local Pack is a group of business listings connected to a map that Google displays on the first page of search results. What is displayed is based on the words or phrases a person searches, the person’s location, and the GBP of each business in that location.  

A person searching the local pack for nearby chiropractors in their car.

Local Pack results appear on a results page when a user searches a product or service “near me” or “near [Location].” Your business needs a GBP account to be in Local Pack. If it doesn’t, your business will not appear in Local Pack results when a user searches for your products and services near you. Additionally, how well you rank is dependent upon the setup of your GBP account.

Local SEO is formulated through a number of factors. Some of these, a business owner can’t control. For example, when someone searches for a hair salon on Google, Local Pack will show them the nearest salons. But there are plenty of actions you can take to improve your local SEO. This includes everything from encouraging a good flow of new reviews from your customers to making keyword-rich profile posts. These actions can help your profile rank higher even if you are located further away than a competitor geographically.


How Does Google Business Profile Management Help My Business?

Rank Higher in Local Pack

An active GBP listing that’s completely filled out will rank higher in Local Pack versus incomplete profiles because Google favors these accounts. You can improve your business’ ranking even further by adding key words and phrases that are popular search terms into your profile. The first three to five businesses that appear in the search results are the most likely to be clicked on, and therefore get the most business.

Your Business in More Searches

Adding generic key phrases to your business profile, like brand names or product types, helps your business appear in more searches. Potential customers may not search for your business name specifically, but instead search for products or services you provide. When you add these products and services to your profile, you have better odds of reaching these people in their search results.

Get More Leads

More leads are essential to keep your business growing. An active GBP that appears in more searches will get more leads. A Google Business Profile makes it easy for customers to get in contact with you or learn more about your business. People can easily use the website button, phone call button or messaging button that appears at the top of your profile. By using GBP along with other SEO strategies, you gain the potential to be seen several times in search results. You could be seen in the Local Pack, GBP snippet in results, or in organic search results. This exposure creates trust with customers and increases chances of clicks to your website.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Another benefit to ramping up your local SEO with a Google Business Profile is increased website traffic. Ranking higher in Local Pack means more website visitors. In turn, having more website visitors helps your website rank higher in organic search results. Google favors websites that have a lot of activity and more time on each page. These signify a high-quality site.

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Google Business Profile Management with NetSource

NetSource Technologies offers expert GBP management with our Local SEO plan. Your business will get a dedicated account manager who will work to ensure your business is appearing at the top of Local Pack. We’ll do extensive research on common search phrases and terms, then target those terms in your Google Business Profile.

After our initial research, we’ll fill out your profile and ensure all your information is correct. We’ll take care of everything from business hours to product descriptions. Additionally, our GBP Management plan includes review management and responses. Your account manager will monitor and respond to customer reviews in whatever way is most beneficial to your business.

Get More Local Customers with Local SEO!

If your business serves a local market and you’re looking to earn more local customers, Google Business Profile Local SEO Management could be just the solution you need! Contact a marketing specialist at NetSource Media for your free Google Business Profile Audit and Consultation today!