Making Sense of AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMPs, is an initiative to build “mobile optimized content and have it load instantly anywhere.”  These pages adhere to strict guidelines set forth by Google and are essentially stripped down versions of a normal webpage designed for one purpose, speed. Because of the stripped functionality, the use of AMPs are still limited to content pages such as news articles and blog posts but can still see major benefits when used appropriately.


Optimized Pages that seem to load instantly on mobile devices

Studies show that mobile users typically abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load thus the main benefit of AMP is speed, being to load up to 85% faster than non-AMPs. This will enhance user experience immensely as content will be delivered to users at lighting speeds.

Premium AMP ranking in News Carousel

As Google has continued to aid and adopt AMP, our SEO Experts, as well as other industry experts, have seen premium rankings for AMPs in search results.

  • Here in regular search results:


  • And here in a News Carousel featured at the top of search results:



Some benefits you can hope for when featured in these premium results:

  • Increase in organic traffic, specifically on the AMPs
  • Lower Bounce Rates and increased Time on Site
  • Increase in leads/sales and conversion rates


Slight Boost in SEO Rankings

Webmasters shouldn’t expect a huge boost in rankings since AMP isn’t an actual ranking factor. However, AMP does affect clicks, impressions, and user experience, thus a positive boost to actual SEO factors which in turn helps build keywords, domain authority, and organic traffic.


Let’s start building AMPs today! Contact our team of SEO Experts to start researching an SEO strategy to improve your rankings.