Free Webinar: Marketing Content and The Buyer’s Journey, Part 2

Content Creation, Delivery & Promotion

In the second of our 2-part series, we discuss three elements of content development in the context of the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey frames the approach to content creation, delivery, and promotion. When utilized properly, the buyer’s journey provides the framework for what content to create and where it should be placed. The buyer’s journey is sadly underutilized and under-appreciated. However, it is the perfect guide to thinking about the different stages your prospects may be in and ensuring the right content is delivered to them.

The Marriage of the Marketing Content & Buyer’s Journey

The first question posed to Kevin Shayne, Director of Marketing with NetSource Technologies, is “Where should we begin with content creation?”. He explains how focusing on the customer makes the process of content generation much simpler. In fact, there are places you can looking within your organization already that will provide you with the knowledge you need for content creation. Kevin also points out a method he uses that you can easily apply to your own business.

Content Delivery

For many business owners, the thought of generating content is overwhelming. It’s not just what knowing what content to create, but also where to place that content. Kevin provides a simplified approach so that you don’t get discouraged with the process. This methodology works even if you have already generated a lot of content. Think of it as a playbook for success rather than a set of rules to follow. With these tips, even companies with plenty of existing content can benefit from going back and cleaning things up. 

Content Promotion

Typically, the first strategy people try for content promotion is advertising and extensive off-site work. Kevin recommends starting closer to home to better reach prospects at the beginning stages of the buyer’s journey. For those in the purchase stage of the buyers journey though, he does point out that provisions should exist for paid promotion of long-tail content that caters to this group of customers. But one theme remains the same: sticking to the Buyer’s Journey as the guide for:

  • WHAT content is created
  • WHERE you put that content
  • HOW you promote the content