Mobile Development

80% of internet users browse via a MOBILE device
you need a MOBILE WEBSITE to be found by and serve these potential customer!

Mobile Development is no longer a feature, it’s a necessity.

In 2014, 80% of internet users did so through a mobile device, we want to ensure that your website is flexible and compatible with any device on any platform so that you can reach all of your potential customers.

At NetSource, we strive to take a mobile-first approach to the web. This means that with any project, we want to look at it from a mobile user’s perspective first so that we can make sure that your application is not just functional, but an enjoyable experience for your users.

When we build a mobile website or application we will use a responsive layout for your project. This means that the site will be able to detect the type of screen that it’s on (phone, tablet, desktop) and automatically display content in the best way for that device type. This ensures that your users will get the same experience on every device that is also tailored to that platform.

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