New MegaFend Website Introduces E-Commerce and Responsive Design

NetSource Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the new MegaFend website. MegaFend now uses some of the best practices for websites in 2015. This means that the site is fully responsive, giving users the best usability across any device.

MegaFend is a dealer that offers yacht products and accessories from South Florida. However, their old site did not live up to the needs of a modern day company:

Offering a clunky UI with a Homepage banner that was still using Flash, MegaFend struggled to fully show off the quality of their products and encourage customers to make purchases. In fact, without an E-Commerce solution, there was no option to be able to purchase products online.

Now MegaFend can boast a great, new, full-width and fully responsive website:

Gone is the use of Flash which has now been replaced with current web standards that allow for this banner to appear on any device. Great new photography was taken to immerse users in the world of the boating and yachting. Strong calls-to-action on the homepage, help guide users to explore and purchase MegaFend’s products.

The Bootstrap 3 framework and responsive web design allow for MegaFend to offer an easy to navigate site on any platform:

Using ProductCart 5, MegaFend is also able to offer an easy-to-use Retail Store that allows customers to purchase products from anywhere. ProductCart is also built on a fully responsive framework which allows users to also make purchases from a mobile device as well as desktop:


It’s always great to work with clients like MegaFend who understand the importance of using the latest technology to promote and grow their businesses.

If you have questions on how you can have a website that is as great as MegaFend’s contact us today for a free quote!