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Once we've built an awesome site or developed a powerful application, it's time for you to get the word out there to your current and future customers. This is where the marketing mix comes into play. Just like your traditional business is unlikely to succeed without any marketing or advertising, building a great looking website without an online marketing strategy is not going to give you the results you want.

Opening with a strong, well-focused Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can get traffic and results from your website quickly while focusing on driving measurable, profitable results over time. Solid organic, or natural, Search Engine Optimization builds low cost, high quality traffic while also helping reduce the cost of your PPC campaigns. Next, Social Media Campaigns can help you leverage the power of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest along with video networks like YouTube. E-Mail marketing helps you stay connected with your customers and website visitors.

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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

In a competitive business? Of course you are; every business is competitive. In today's world of online searches, reviews, and research, getting traffic to your website can be very difficult. This is why an effective PPC campaign can be the best way to reach your audience.

Our team is certified in both Google AdWords and BingAds, but most importantly, we're SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategists. This means that we're going to find the absolute best way to help you reach your customers possible, no matter the budget. Whether you need a Retargeting campaign, Display Ad campaign, Search or Shopping campaigns, we'll put together the right PPC plan for you, then continue to monitor and manage for the best ROI.

Content Development
Content Development

Writing is tough. Maintaining a blog, sending promotional emails and engaging your audience can be tough. Our team of marketers are great writers, and we're not just able to help you with these areas, but we actually enjoy it.

Content Marketing has seen a big rise over the last few years and it will continue to grow, so let's talk about the ways that we can help customers see you as an authority in your field and grow your business. Ask us about In-Bound Marketing, Landing Page development, Email Newsletters, Blog article copywriting, as well as traditional print-based content.

Social Media
Social Media Management and Ad Campaigns

Billions of people around the world use social media and it has proven as an essential aspect of the marketing mix for every single business. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or whatever launched yesterday, we know everything there is to know about them.

We can help you develop organic Social Media campaigns, including choosing the right networks for your business. We can also manage paid social ad campaigns to get you in front of highly-targeted audiences.


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