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Our Custom Design and Programming Solutions for a Florida Home Builder


Deltona Corporation, a prominent Florida home builder, provides affordable new construction homes in multiple counties. They approached us for a website redesign and requested integration with their home inventory management program. Our team developed an award-winning website that featured custom programming, allowing the Deltona team to manage and expand their developments effectively.

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Website design and development for Deltona Homes.
Website design and development for Deltona Homes.

The Challenge

As Homes by Deltona grew their communities across the state, they continued approaching the same hurdle. They had to sync their former inventory management program to their home listings on the Florida Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS system, which populated the inventory on their website, started counting “days on the market” as soon as a listing was uploaded. This was problematic for homes listed before completion. What looked like long periods on the market, while the home was really under construction, often led to skepticism from potential buyers. Listings for under-construction homes could not accurately reflect their newness and desirability. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow the Deltona Corporation to effectively market their under-construction homes without the disadvantage of misleading market days.

Our Solution

  • Our programmers, developers, and designers created a custom website program that allows the Deltona team to manage and display their inventory without MLS updates. This solution lets them directly input listings, ideal for properties under construction that should not accrue market days.
  • Our content team revised the website copy to optimize it for community-specific searches, localized queries, and other relevant Google searches. We also streamlined lead generation with additional contact forms for each community.
  • We optimized these new pages for website speed, making sure all the content and links load quickly and securely. Known as technical SEO, this helped improve page ranking on search engines and bring more traffic to the website.
Website design and development for Deltona Homes.

The Results


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