Paid Facebook Ads: Why you should use them

An effective marketing campaign takes time to build, a lot of data, and near perfect execution. The online marketing world is more competitive than ever, with hundreds of businesses competing for the same customers. A Google AdWords campaign has become a necessity for survival in today’s competitive market, but what about ad campaigns on Facebook?

Yes, a business page on Facebook is a must to engage with your customers and to receive valuable feedback about your business, but don’t stop there! Facebook ads take all the wonderful information you have collected on your business page and creates insights to give marketing professionals helpful information to help you grow your business.  

One great thing about Facebook is that it collects a ton of information about its users. Tapping into just a small portion of this data yields an invaluable resource for any business. With this data, the NetSource team has the full capability of targeting users with near pinpoint accuracy by: location, age, gender, interests, behavior, and more.

Although our targeting is accurate, not every user will convert the first time they interact with your business, but these users become a target for remarketing. Remarketing tools allow marketing agencies to target those users with relevant and specific ads. Since these users already know about your business, these ads have an increased likelihood of resulting in a conversion or sale.

A unique feature on Facebook is the ability to target users who “look like” your current customers. This means they either share interests, behave online similarly, or are connected as friends. This user base is more likely to convert and tend to be easier to attract than other new customers.

All these great features sound really expensive, false! Facebook ads are, in general, cheaper to run than other paid ads. In addition, the competition level is lower which means a smaller dedicated budget.

Business owners understand the hard work and dedication it takes to build and maintain a successful business, and our marketing team understands how to leverage your key differentiators. Contact us today and learn how we can: expand your business, build your user base, and save you money by using paid Facebook ads along with your other marketing strategies.