Pumpkin Carving Contest 2015

It’s that time of year again for the 2015 NetSource Pumpkin Carving Contest! This year we have three excellent pumpkins, so be sure to comment with which pumpkin is your favorite and the winner receives this awesome trophy:

pumpkin trophy

First we have Cindy’s Gumball Machine pumpkin, complete with a knob and backlit to really make it look like it’s filled with gumballs. I have to be honest in saying that for a moment, I thought it was a functioning gumball machine!


Next we have Cynthia’s Night Owl, the white pumpkin and the carved eyes really give this creation a night and day difference in appearance.


Lastly, we have Melissa’s Pale Horse. A fascinating use of perspective, when lit, a scythe appears behind the ferocious horse, scary enough to even give some adults trouble sleeping.    Melissa-Pale-Horse Melissa-Pale-Horse-Lit

So, be sure to select which pumpkin is your favorite and we’ll declare the winner!