Reasons Why Your Logo is Important to Your Business

Believe it or not, choosing the design of your logo is one of the most important business decisions you can make as you start or revamp your company. Choosing your logo is just as high of a key factor as selling high-quality products and attaining positive reviews. Your logo gives people a chance to learn about who you are and make an impression within the first few seconds.

Its purpose is to spark emotion, your customer will soon forget any other company once your logo strikes a positive reaction within them. However, if it is inadequately designed, it might invoke a negative feeling and your customer will more than likely lean towards a competitor. Once they connect, they’re unlikely to forget your business. Attention spans are short, and the logo is often the first thing people see. So, you really only have maybe 2-3 seconds for your design to do its work in keeping your potential customer engaged.

Here are a few reasons why you should put a lot of stock into the design process and branding of your logo.


You’ll have a unique identity.

If your logo can convey your message and brand in an effective way, it’ll be easy to create a unique identity. And, it will help your brand achieve its own noticeable personality. Your logo will be presented on all types of marketing platforms, like your website, business cards, and all forms of stationery. With its appearance everywhere, your audience will start associating your brand with higher quality products. Seeing as this will be presented everywhere, your logo is the strongest way to form an identity for your brand.

Easily Identifiable.

One aspect that most brands have in common is that they want their identity to be recognizable by consumers. Businesses strive for people to correlate their brand with high-quality products and they want to be taken seriously. Your logo is the way to make this happen. As long as your logo looks professional, it will help increase the brand recall value. This means the consumer will ultimately remember your company once they see your logo.

It Builds Professionalism and Trust.

When you start a new business, one of the hardest things to do is to make a name for your company and to get others to trust you. Before someone tries your merchandise, they first get to make a judgment on your appearance. If you get handed a business card that looks old and outdated, you probably won’t trust their judgment as much as getting handed a card that is sleek, clean and modern. By creating a logo soon after you’ve started your business and putting it on your website, business cards, and other materials, people will realize you are legit. Then you’ll be well on your way to running a strong business.

A good logo will differentiate you from your competitors.

No matter what business you’re in, your logo is yours an no one else’s. Nobody will associate your logo with another, because if you’ve customized it correctly, they’ll only think of the company. This gives you the chance to make a great impression, especially if they’re seeing it for the first time. And, like we’ve talked about above, if you’ve chosen the right font and colors, it will act as a differentiator and defense barrier against others in your market. It’s the first difference customers will notice.

It makes you feel like you’ve made it. Starting a business is hard.

There’s late nights, early mornings and loans. But getting it off the ground and making a profit is one of the most rewarding parts about starting one. Once you see your logo that’s been made into a sign to hang over your door or finally receiving those business cards in the mail is a huge step towards feeling like you’ve created a small empire for you and your family. It legitimizes those late nights and early mornings, the weekends working instead of going out with friends and other sacrifices. To see it physically happening in front of you, and to make your first sale, is one of the biggest moments your company will ever see. Chances are, you owe a lot of it to your logo.

Your Logo is Important

Before you start to put your logo together, there are a few factors to consider. It should be easily recognized and distinguished from other logos, but it should be somewhat simple so it works across all types of media. Think about the size, too. It needs to work in all sizes so you can put it on business cards and billboards without any trouble. You also don’t want something that is so busy that it will take to long for the customer to figure out your line of business. A great logo should also be able to work in black and white.

Fonts, colors, and shapes can make quite the difference, too. A business selling trucks, like Ford or Dodge, might use a bold font. Others, like a boutique, might lean towards a fanciful, whimsical font with a pastel color scheme.

If you are in looking to update your logo, then come to the experts. Our team of graphic designers can craft you a custom logo that will grab all the right attention and have you leaving your mark on your industry! Get a free quote today!