The Case for a Custom Website

Recently, NetSource Technologies launched a brand new website for ART Design Group. ART Design came to the web design company with nothing more than a one page landing page, a vision, and the desire to improve their business. The web designers at NetSource Technologies were able to create a stunning and modern website that perfectly fits with the ART Design Group’s aesthetic.

From Landing Page to Custom Website

ART Design Group came to NetSource to create a custom website for them. For some time, the company maintained a simple landing page. Nothing that spoke to the vision of the company… A simple landing page with little more than an email address to contact for more information. They wanted to do a better job of sharing their vision and past work with potential clients, thus making the case for a new website

Custom Customer Experience from Start to Finish!

ART Design Group takes pride in working closely with their customers during every step of the art creation process. From the time one of their clients comes to them with an idea, through the creation process, the designers and creators are there to make sure every step of the process makes sense to the client.

With such a hands on company, NetSource knew that ART Design Group would need a beautiful custom website that reflects their values and dedication to their craft. So an fully functional and easy to navigate website was set up utilizing the proprietary SiteSource 4 content management system. This means that the client can easily add, remove, and customize pages as needed. This is particularly important in this case as ART Design Group regularly creates custom memorial sculptures for government agencies and law enforcement organizations. A custom project gallery, that is easy for ART Design Group to manage, was added to the website to showcase their newest projects organized by category

With the custom programming and design, new creations can be prominently displayed and easily added! This new website makes it easy for clients to find their business. It acts as a perfect portfolio to show off their past projects. And it allows potential clients to easily contact the artists.

NetSource Technologies, Inc.

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