The Cure For An Empty Blog

We all know that having a company blog is a great way to encourage visitors to return to your website on a regular basis. Setting up the blog is easy – but writing articles regularly is the difficult part! If you have a bad case of blogger’s block, here are a list of article ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

Make a top 10 list

“Top 10” lists are popular in blogs, because they are easy to write and easy to read! Make a “Top 10” list about your products or services to share with your readers.

Some Examples:

  • For a car dealer – Top 10 reasons to trade in your old car
  • For a clothing store – The hottest 10 trends in fashion for 2011

Frequently asked questions

When a customer asks you a general question about your business or industry, write it down! Chances are, if one person has this question, plenty of other people will too. Each question can be turned into an article that will be a great resource for your customers. And, if someone is searching for this question online, they can find your article which both answers their question and shows you as an expert in your field!

Some Examples:

  • For a Self Storage Facility – What types of items should be stored in a climate-controlled facility?
  • For a Florist – When are certain flowers in season?

Events at your business

If your business is holding an event, make sure to write about it on your blog! An article is a great way to get the word out about your big sale, open house, or event.

Some Examples:

  • For a restaurant – An article about your special Halloween event, including details on specials, bands that are performing, giveaways, and costume contests
  • For any business – An article about a charity event your employees are participating in (and a follow up article that announces the results!).

News/trends related to your industry

When something newsworthy happens in your industry, you can write a quick and easy article to let your customers know about it. Simply write a summary (with or without your own opinions about it), and link to the original news source.

Some Examples:

  • For an insurance company – An article about a new law that will affect your customers’ policies
  • For a plumber – An article about new technology that can be used for more energy-efficient plumbing

Review a book/website/service/product

A blog is a perfect arena for sharing resources with your customers. Have you come across a great book or magazine that you think your customers would enjoy? What about a product that goes hand-in-hand with your own? Write a blog article with a glowing review!

Some Examples:

  • For a truck parts store – A review of the best tools to use to install your parts
  • For a personal trainer – A review of an iPhone app that helps you track your nutrition and exercise

Explain how it works

A blog is a great arena to show off your expertise! Help your customers by explaining a confusing topic on your blog. The article will let your customers know that you are an expert, and that they can trust you with their business.

Some Examples:

  • For an electronics store – Explain what Blu-ray is, and why it’s better quality than a normal DVD
  • For an RV dealer – Explain what “winterizing” is, and how it protects your RV

Promote a partner/affiliation

Do you work closely with a related company, or refer business to them regularly? If that company doesn’t compete with you directly, you could highlight your relationship with them in a blog article.

Better yet, if that company also has a blog, you could agree to promote each other in a blog post. This would benefit you both, and benefit your customers.

Some Examples:

  • For a pet store – An article about a local veterinarian
  • For an interior designer – An article about a cabinetry company

Advice for newcomers

As an expert in your field, you can share your knowledge with visitors that are new to your product or service. An article that explains how to get started can help to lift some of the confusion.

Some Examples:

  • For a real estate company – Tips for first-time homeowners
  • For an RV Dealer – A “getting started” guide for new RVers

Interview someone

Maybe you aren’t a professional reporter, but you can still write a great interview! It’s easy to highlight a valued employee at your company (or even a satisfied customer) with an interview on your blog.

Some Examples:

  • For a catering business – An interview of the head chef about his passion for cooking
  • For a Chamber of Commerce – An interview of a successful business owner in the area about how the location has benefited his business

These are just a few ideas of articles that you could write on your company blog. Do you have some other great article ideas? Share them in the comments below!