Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Pay-Per-Click

1. Prime Time Search Results – Reach the Top of the 1st Page

When you search for something, let’s say shoes for sale, what’s the top results that appear? Yup you’re right, paid ads, right above the unpaid (organic) search results! Pay Per Click is a very effective form of advertising that puts your business, and the products you sell, at the top of search results at the exact moment potential customers are looking for them. Meaning you’re attracting the most qualified buyers when they are ready to spend money!

Maybe your business shows up on the first page of organic search results or even at the top of the first page, but what if you aren’t on the first page, what happens then? Well, studies show that most people don’t go past the first page of search results, Let alone scroll past the first couple of results on the page!  Be honest with yourself, how many times have you searched for something and ended up on the second or third page of search results? Yeah, me either!

Some owners may say to themselves, “My business always shows up first, I don’t have anything to worry about.” Well I want you to, again, be honest; other than your brand name, how many product and service search terms do you rank #1 or even #2 or #3 for? Are you receiving new customers or is it the same repeat business? If customers don’t know your business name, how are they supposed to find you?


2. Promote Your Business – Start Recording Sales

If you are a fairly new business, or a business new to the internet, you aren’t showing up on the first page of organic search results. This plays into our earlier concept, if consumers aren’t aware of your business, they won’t know to search for you and are unable to interact with your business. Pay Per Click gives you the opportunity to show up at the top of search results, you’re essentially paying for a place on the page, and expanding not only your brand name, but your customer base and ultimately, sales!


3. Find Qualified Buyers – Target Consumers Based on Their Needs

When people are looking for a specific product or service that you offer, pay per click puts your ad in front of the customer and allows you to direct them to that particular product or service that you offer. Google is, at the most simplistic level, in the “answers” business. So the company that can best answer the questions, wins!


4. Improve Return on Investment (ROI) – Be S.M.A.R.T.

One of the biggest concerns for just about any company: How will I know if my advertising efforts are paying off? Search Engine Marketing (including Pay-Per-Click) is hands down one of the most measurable forms of advertising in the entire marketing industry. How many forms of advertising can tell you: how many people you reached, how they interacted with your business, the number of sales/leads driven, the total cost and revenue accrued from advertising? PPC Advertising is so measurable it hurts sometimes!


5. Repeat Users – Improve your Bottom Line

Last but certainly not least, PPC Advertising allows you to “retarget” ads to customers who’ve already visited your website. Retargeting is essentially putting an ad in front of people who’ve visted your site, and these ads follow them to other websites like YouTube, news sites, and more. This type of advertising is very effective and keeps your business at the top of a consumer’s mind, which makes them more likely to revisit your business or website.


Let’s beat the competition, put your business at the top of search results and in the hands of the most qualified buyers, contact a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Expert today!