WE HAVE A WINNER for the Favorite Pumpkin Design

Update: Thanks to all your votes, we have selected a winner for the 2016 Pumpkin Carving Contest! This year’s winner is… (Drumroll Please)

“Feather” by Melissa Thrush! Melissa has won the contest 2 years in a row. Congratulations!

Our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest is back in action! Last year Melissa took home the grand prize, but it’s a new year and anything can happen. Vote below in the COMMENTS for your favorite pumpkin and help us decide who will take home the trophy!

Voting will close at noon EST on Halloween, with the winner announced that afternoon!

The Joker - by Chris Thrush

The Joker – by Chris Thrush


Feather - by Melissa Thrush

OUR WINNER: Feather – by Melissa Thrush


H-OWL-oween - by Cindy Spencer

H-OWL-oween – by Cindy Spencer


BB-8 - by Jamie Embree

BB-8 – by Jamie Embree


Pumpkin Spice Monster - by David Reaves

Pumpkin People Eater – by David Reaves


Gus - by Laura Weaver

Gus – by Laura Weaver


Grim reaper - by Matt Weber

Grim Reaper – by Matt Weber


Jack-o-Lantern - by Stacey Shoemaker

Jack-o-Lantern – by Stacey Shoemaker