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Website Lead Recovery
Marketing Automation & Visitor Remarketing:
The Two-Part Program That Turns Your Lost Leads Into Customers!

96% Of Your Website Visitors Are NOT Ready To Buy from You!


Converting unknown website visitors to sales-ready leads

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We developed a compact, automated, and optimized method to engage with your website visitors who are NOT ready to buy now.

Even though 96% of your website visitors aren't ready to buy now they are seeking answers to their questions in order to make a better buying decision. Marketing automation assists in this process by progressively delivering relevant information to shopper's email as they move through their buying journey. Using this approach, we deliver value to your website visitors until they are ready to buy.

Marketing Automation for Lead Recovery Program

Our program has 3 main elements:

1. Highly desired content that helps shoppers and researchers

2. Smart forms that offer content before visitors leave your website

3. A sequence of educational and informative emails that convert prospects into leads

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Online advertising designed to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your website

Remarketing for dealership lead recovery

Remarketing is a technology that presents ads after a visitor has left your website. The ads are displayed as previous visitors travel to other websites and/or visit Facebook.

Although remarketing does not provide the contact information for a visitor, it keeps you top-of-mind, increases your visibility, and even provides them opportunities to engage with your company.

Advanced remarketing can take this a step further by tailoring advertisements based upon what pages or areas of your website were visited. Thus, there's an even higher chance of re-engagement and ultimately conversion.

We can also promote the content created for marketing automation in your remarketing advertisements, which makes a powerful couple.

Ads can appear on both Facebook and Instagram as well as on websites across the Internet. Ads are bid-based, so we work closely with you to obtain maximum results that fit your budget.

Remarketing for Lead Recovery Program

We take care of your remarketing from top to bottom. This means we address:

1. Setup and configuration of ad networks and setup budgets
2. Design and develop compelling display and text advertisements
3. Tune, optimize, and refine your campaigns, plus report on remarketing performance


96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy now!
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