Webinar: What If They Aren’t Ready To Buy Now?

This is the second of a two part series of helpful videos on digital marketing. This webinar focuses on how you can make your brand more relevant by building content. The goal is to avoid a “buy now or goodbye” approach to your messaging, which delivers content exclusively focused on the sale of your services or products. Instead, you want to create a diverse array of content for buyers at every stage of the buying process.

What If They Aren’t Ready To Buy Now?

The truth is, many of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy now. Online shoppers want to understand more than ever. They do more research and choose vendors who answer their questions and make them feel like they understand what they’re getting into with a purchase. 

Coronavirus and Your Content

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers are participating in far less physical engagement with businesses and far more digital engagement. This trend should be reason enough to prioritize your online content creation. To stay relevant with your customers during this time, you need to adjust your approach to cater to online shoppers who are at the beginning, middle and end of their buying process. Otherwise, shoppers will seek out other content providers (websites) who can answer their questions and help them further their buying journey.